Ways To Answer Questions On Quora And Generate Leads



Quora, with more than 300m users, has become a great place to generate leads for your business.

The process is simple.

Answer the questions and drive users to your landing page.

But is that so simple?

You must have the best ways to answer questions on Quora and generate leads.

But how do you answer better than others? Or how do you generate leads without being spammers?

Well, we will work in three steps.

  1. Finding the right question to answer.
  2. Answer them properly.
  3. Generate leads through the answers.

Why Is Quora A Good Place To Generate Leads? 

Quora has more than 300m users with around 34% American and 34% Indians. Besides, according to Quora B2B guide, 54% of adult Quora users have more than $100k annual income. Moreover, it is an open space where anyone can interact without any cost.

That means you have a large portion of the higher-income US audience to engage with. 

Apart from that, people use Quora to get specific answers. If you can answer properly with suitable link placement, generating thousands of links will be a child’s play.

The Best Ways to Answer Questions on Quora and Generate Leads

Now let’s see the best ways to answer and generate leads on Quora.

Before that — Does Your Target Audience Hang Out on Quora?

Make sure that your target audience is regular on Quora among 300 M active users.

So, how do you determine the target audience? Simply note down the demographic and other factors of your target audience based on related criteria. Then see whether those audiences hang out on Quora or not.

If you don’t have a sufficient target audience on Quora, stop investing time in Quora.

Start with Optimizing Your Profile

Your Quora profile works as a business card. Its optimization makes you more reliable to others and increases your acceptance. The more relevant questions you’re looking for will be on top for Quora profile optimization.

How To Optimize The Profile

  1. Start by editing credentials subjecting to your brand or relevant title. Also, uphold your certification for building legitimacy.
  2. Update the bio with sharp words. Make it eye-catchy rather than making it diplomatic.
  3. Edit the “knows about” segment wisely. Only add the best topics, and avoid adding any unnecessary skills.
  4. Use the search bar for finding topics on your desired keyword. The more you search, the more you get new topics.

Build A Quora Page For Your Business

Building a Quora page is simple – add a topic on Quora with your brand name. You need to add your company name to the about page of your Quora profile.

People will find it by using the company name as a keyword. The residual works are- customizing the link, and adding logos and credentials. Always monitor your page as anyone can edit it anytime according to the Quora rule.

Questions Answer

Questions Answer

1. What Questions to Answer?

You need to find the right questions to answer.

Follow Relevant Topics

Following your niche relevant topics on Quora helps in growing traffic and generating leads.

How to Find a Relevant Topic?

Visit the search bar and type your target keyword. Then, the result will appear with all the topics with that keyword. Double-clicking on the chosen one will allow you to get the topic.

Find Questions With More Than 1,000 Views Per Week

Some questions come with a lot of audience engagement. Focus on those to generate leads easily.

How To Find One?

Search with your niche or topic and scroll down one by one to find a question with your desired views. Secondly, browse your home feed to follow people’s answers to an assortment of questions. Go for the seed keywords rather than using long ones.

Join All The Topics In Your Niche

Your niche shows the topics of your interest and abilities. Don’t miss a single one unless you want to lose the lead.

Remember To Be Helpful To Solve The Problem, Not To Generate Lead

Your target is generating leads, but your audience should not understand that. Audiences love people with helpful behavior, and zero rush for self-promotion directly. So be user-friendly instead of pushing links.

2. How to Answer to Generate Leads?

Now let’s see how to answer properly.

Be The First to Answer

The first answerer always gets more views. Try to answer first to grab the attention of the questioner and lead him to your target page.

Look for Missing Information in Available Answers

Checking others’ answers is also a strategy to be successful in Quora. If there’s any missing information, note it down. Then answer the questions filling out the missing information to gain trust and generate leads.

Elaborate On A Point That Has Been Answered

People love to have explanations behind a concept. So, don’t worry if someone has already answered the question. You still have a floor to elaborate on its perspectives.

Try To Answer Seemingly Dead Questions

Dead questions are the field of opportunities. It means no one yet has solved the problem. Answer them to engage with the questioner and step ahead to your target.

How To Find One?

To find unanswered questions, open your browser and enter “inurl:Quora.com/unanswered” in the search bar. You can add your specific topic as an extension during searching.

Try To Get More Upvotes

Getting upvotes will make your answer higher compared to others. Some people even buy Quora upvotes to get a higher position. You can try that as well.

Correct Out-Of-Date Or Incorrect Answers

Fixing incorrect answers helps in building audience trust. It also upholds your depth of knowledge in the following discussion.

Use Personal Pronouns Such As “I” Or “Me”

Mentioning personal pronouns in an answer helps people understand your real experience about something. That’s a great strategy for engaging more upvotes.

Add Images Or Videos If Needed

Images or videos about the related topic are fruitful to make people understand something quickly.

Make Answers Mobile Friendly Or Easy To Read On Mobile

77% of the Quora users visit from mobile. If the answer isn’t mobile-friendly, they’ll surely avoid it.



Engage With Your Audience

To engage with your audience, answer their questions straightly without an extensive introduction. Ask for their opinion and also, resolve any problem in a way like a group discussion.

Re-Answer Some Previously Answered Questions

To bring some variation, you can answer the previously asked questions from a new point of view.

Ask A Question Anonymously And Answer It

If there are not many questions about the related topic, then generate more. Then, answer it precisely and uphold your potential.

3. Add Links To Your Answers To Generate Leads

Now it is time to add a link. Be careful when doing it.

Give Readers a Reason to Click Your Links

If you can place the link properly in the answer, and make its keyword attractive, people will go for it. But, don’t play with their trust as some scammers add irrelevant links to increase the traffic to their site.

Write a proper answer and add an attractive keyword inside the answer. This can be a missing piece of information or something that people want to know about that topic. Interlink the keyword with your landing page.

When someone clicks the link knowingly, generating leads will be easier compared to any clickbait title.

Try to Avoid Spamming

Do not add so many links. Try to even avoid adding links in every answer. Instead, build an audience, gain trust, and then add links.


Reaching the endpoint, you can utilize Quora answers to generate thousands of leads. To do that, you have to find the right question to answer, answer them better than others, and simply add landing page links to the answer.

People love organic answers. So, don’t choose any way like Quora answer generator or copying someone’s answer. Make the answer tiny, meaningful, and attractive to generate leads, as well as help others.

Also, try to give time here. It may seem difficult at first to generate leads. But slowly, you will understand how it works, and you will master it.