How to turn your EXECUTIVE RESUME from Zero to Hero  



A career is spotlighted by the progressive exposure to multiple opportunities that a professional acquires with various designations in several organizations. In order to showcase the highlighted aspects of your career, the most significant and prominent option is to develop an Executive Resume. Your Executive Resume includes your Profile Summary, Key Skills or Competencies, Work Experience, Career Achievements, Awards & Honors, Projects, Education, Certifications, Trainings, Courses, and so on. Top Executives and professionals often hire Experienced Resume Writers or teams to design their Executive Resumes.

Writing for Senior level Professionals

Any senior-level or top management professional holds the responsibilities of managing operations, department budgets, project budgets, directing staff, and leading multiple business units. The Executive Resume of a Senior level Professionals should be at least two pages long. The Executive Resume of a Senior level Professional should showcase the effective knowledge and skills the Professional has gathered throughout the previous tenure in multiple associations. If the Professional is a Project Management Expert, the Projects that have been supervised can be mentioned in the Resume. The skills concerning training, coaching, and mentoring will also add to hiring opportunities. The addition of the Certifications, Training, Courses, Seminars and Workshops in the Resume will also enhance the efficiencies of the Professional.

Senior Executive Resumes

When a Professional is promoted to a Senior Executive Position, the promoted designation comprises of many duties, responsibilities (in an authoritative role) as well as multiple achievements and growths. A Resume of a Senior Executive can be designed in a winning way. While a Professional starts applying for Senior Executive roles in reputed Multinational Companies, the entire career should be displayed through the Executive Resume in such a way that it impresses the Recruiters.

The Resume should start with an impressive headline that highlights the Professional as a Leader, a Strategist, an Expert in the applied field such as Sales, Business Development, and Human Resource Management, etc. It should be followed by a Profile Summary which focuses on the responsibilities that the Professional, being a Senior Executive would be able to handle and manage. The bullets concerning the achievements or accomplishments play an important role in the Resume. The Achievements or Accomplishments should feature important KPIs and the most valued growth figures that the organizations have attained throughout the tenure of the Professional.

Senior Executive Management Resumes

Executive Resumes of Senior Executive Management such as Vice President, CEO, Director, etc. should be more crisp and appealing. In addition to the Profile Summary, a category focusing the point “Leadership Proficiency” should be mentioned, which would give a strong impact on the career graph of the Professional. The point “Leadership Proficiency” may include the areas such as

  • Strengths and Success in leading Business Growth
  • Strategic Planning & Decision Making
  • Leading Plans and Procedures which resulted in Revenue Growth

While elaborating the Work Experience, the Professional has acquired in multiple Associations, a point for “Major Responsibilities” can also be mentioned at the beginning of Job Descriptions. For Example:

GSW, AL-Jubail, Saudi Arabia | 2019 – Present

Project Management – Director

Major Responsibilities: Developing Budgets | Coaching | Supervision | Staffing | Project Management | Process Improvement | Management & Planning | Performance Management | Attention to Detail | Analysis

  • Administer all aspects of numerous projects including scope, quality control, day-to-day project activities, resources, issue resolution, risk mitigation for the achievement of strategic objectives.
  • Participate in dispute, negotiation, arbitration or litigation and in establishing practices, templates, policies, tools and partnerships; drive feasibility studies, vendor selections and proposals for evaluation by appropriate key stakeholders.
  • Oversee and monitor staff and project team performance with site leadership by building and motivating team members to meet project goals, adhering to the responsibilities and project milestones.

If a Senior Executive Management Professional is praised by any Organization or Official, the quotes mentioned by those officials or organizations can also be showcased in the Executive Resume. These quotes will also give a positive impact to the Recruiters.

For Example:

“Jenna has always been an outstanding resource, committed and contributed immensely to the project and organization. She has an excellent communication rapport with Clients & Business teams. Customer focus, mentoring resources are her key strength’s.  She is highly adaptable and versatile to technologies and gels well with cross-functional teams. Her attitude towards taking high responsibility to handle the projects during critical phases and ensured the quality & on-time delivery are highly appreciated.” – Joshua, VP (HR), Cognizant Technology Solutions

A perfectly designed Executive Resume writing often releases a strong effect on the recruiter. The crucial and authoritative duties and responsibilities managed and administered by the professional being a Senior Executive can only be exhibited in a resume. Resumes developed through Experienced Resume Writers often help the Professional acquire the applied or preferred Job or Designation in a reputed Organization.