Techniques Education Agents Should Adopt To Deliver Engaging Student Experience & Enhance Operational Efficiency

Techniques Education Agents Should Adopt To Deliver Engaging Student Experience & Enhance Operational Efficiency

Techniques Education Agents Should Adopt To Deliver Engaging Student Experience & Enhance Operational Efficiency

Blog Description:

To get back from the brutal brunt of the COVID-19, ‘Education Agents’ must rejig their perspective more than anything.

Do we mean that the perspective or the approach of the Education Agents was not up to the mark before COVID-19?

Absolutely Not!

What we are trying to draw attention to is that the COVID-19 outbreak has turned the table. With that, the game and rules are also changed.

New-age students are certainly not looking to sit down and do the traditional vis-à-vis counseling. Today’s students are more aware & understand the nitty-gritty of the overall visa process. Education agents do not need to spend their energy on counseling them to pursue study in Australia.

With the ongoing global pandemic punishment, now is the time to stop repeating the same mistakes. Instead, focus on your business operations as well as peripheral business segments (we will see this ahead in the post) to grow faster and achieve your agency’s goals.

But How?

Let’s go over it step-by-step.

1) Weren’t You A Student At Some Point?

If your answer is yes, you would know that not all students are the same. Thus, their requirements, questions, and expectation differ widely. Some of them are meritorious, some are average, while others purely wish to explore the land down under rather than the study.

As a counselor, your pitch varies depending upon the need of a student. For example, introducing scholarship options for those who have excelled in studies, whereas focusing on the others’ specific demands.

Check this out if you wish to know, what new-age students look from the Education Agents.

Experience and enough counseling could only present you with the exact tips that may work for your agency. However, the best one is to engage them in a conversation and try to find out their need by asking open-ended & practical questions, but not by telling what you know.

2) Keep Shortest T-A-T

Students at times are impatient and would want to have a few pieces of information readily handed over to them. Let’s say they might want to the about three different courses, enrollment dates, or how much OSHC health insurance would cost, all at the same time.

The strategy to adopt here is to list all the information that might come in handy beforehand and keep it organized. For a few abrupt & out-of-the-box queries, it is better to borrow some time and give correct information later than to give incorrect info instantly.

However, try to keep the shortest turn-around time possible to keep and close the lead. The best advisable time is 24 hours. Beyond this point, you risk losing the client to a different education agent, or the students might find info on their own (it might not be accurate but a ballpark).

Keep learning from your every lead experience. Try to maintain an organized record of information that might save you time and resources for the prospective leads in the future.

3) Concentrate On Strong & Weak Points

Some education agents are good at counseling; others are great at as salespeople. We all have different traits and skills. Understanding and leveraging your niche will simplify a lot of your daily tasks & operations.

An average of your day is filled with processing applications, checking the status with the university, coordinating with students, checking OSHC providers & performing OSHC comparison, and much more.

If you want to operate your education consultancy smartly, then you should invest in plug-and-play tools. Yes, online portals with universal dashboards are pretty handy tools to put your agency upfront and improve productivity & efficiency.

KONPARE is one such comprehensive OSHC tool for easy comparison & buying student health insurance. It also helps you manage leads, check sales metrics, as well as earn commission from each policy.

4) Peripheral Business Segments

Before we venture into peripheral business segments, don’t forget that your primary role as an education agent requires you to be on your ace game when it comes to providing information on institution and visa procedures.

To deliver the best student experience, you’ll have to work on showing and delivering the complete picture. Apart from your main objective, which is to do with the visa process, a student does have many underlying questions on accommodation, OSHC for Australia, traveling, part-time work, etc.

All these areas create a wide opening for you to explore and see if there is a possibility to gain a financial margin from each segment by collaborating or associating with respective providers.

One such opportunity is already waiting for you at KONPARE to earn a generous commission on each OSHC health insurance policy.


It’s all about managing and achieving your goals. This could only be accomplished with rigorous practice by knowing what you don’t, what you are not good at, etc. As suggested above, invest in tools such as KONPARE, which comes at absolutely no cost to improve your daily efficiency, productivity and generating a passive income from it.