7 Ways to Conceal Movement While Bow Hunting

Bow Hunting

Bow Hunting

The image processing of a deer is much faster than the human eye, and thus they are extremely sensitive to movement. So the movement reaches them at a slow pace and thus gives them time to react faster.  The movement is more visible to them at sunrise and sunset. You cannot control their movement and visual reception but you can always prepare to outsmart them by decreasing or concealing your movement, as you prepare to hunt them down. Bow Hunting Camo can be a great help in this regard as can be 7 other ways.

  1. Conceal Yourself

You can opt for a screen of trees, or hide in the seasonal grass or crop, crawl into a corrugated drainage pipe or hide beneath a large object to focus on your prey, this strategy has its pros. Anything that conceals your movement from the sight of the deer is equally effective.

  1. Utilize Topography

Topography heavily impacts wildlife movement and habitat.  A mere aerial photo or topographical map can help you visualize the terrain of the deer movement.  It takes time and experience to get used to the location of hiding and movement of the deer and the accuracy of your prediction but it will be worth it. Eventually, you’ll learn the areas which you can avoid and those that need your focus. You can always follow the ditches and creek beds to stay concealed from deer.

  1. Avoid Obvious Deer Routes

Avoid places where you expect the deer to linger often. If you know the area where they are likely to be present; eating, resting, or drinking, you need to take an indirect approach to it. It may take extra effort and thorough planning but it will be worth a shot. The path you take will leave your scent and if it is the same path the deer use, it will through them off.

  1. Don’t Use a Stand

Deer are smart and well-aware of their environment; they can easily differentiate between something that was not part of the scenery and be alert; this is how they survive. So if you install a stand in the middle of the trees, they can easily detect the presence of a foreign object and react unexpectedly.

  1. Utilize Natural Backing

You can always scout trees and look for natural objects that can break the shadow of your stand. Look for trees with several branches and big leaves, tall or mid-sized coniferous trees or their grouping, huge diameter trees, or multi-trunked trees.  The purpose is to ensure the stand doesn’t look like a sore thumb in the natural environment.

  1. Good Old Camouflage 

Camouflage always comes in handy. If you’re in an environment where trees and long bushes are scarce you can always get a high-quality camouflage net or suit to blend in with the environment.

  1. DIY Concealment

You can break off some branches and big leaves from a nearby tree and weave them together to create a platform that conceals your silhouette. You can hoist the sewed bunch to the back of a tree and secure it with a heavy rope.

Concealing your movement is everything when it comes to hunting. You are in a natural habitat and until you keep everything natural, you will no chance at hunting. So these few ideas are sure to cut your movement and give you better opportunities at hunting deer.