Smart way to win wordfeud game

wordfeud game

wordfeud game

Scrabble is just a crossword game for fun, but it’s life or death for some people. They want to win the game in any way. If you want to crush your friend or family member opponent with your lexicography skills, you are at the right place. Here in this article, we will give you some tips and suggestions that will lead you to victory. To win the scrabble smartly, follow the below tips and earn maximum points.

Tips to win wordfeud game:

  • The first thing that you need to learn is the wordfeud board. The worst thing that most people do in scrabble is skipping the most important part of the game, which is scrabble math. No one is good in both words and math. However, the player has to add up all their chances to get the maximum score in their best chances.
  • Don’t let your opponent place such a word that crosses orange or red position. There are a total of eight such words, and avoid playing them in that areas. Wait for your opponent to play there and take advantage.
  • Don’t play with your good letter as they can give you victory. You can get one word with all the tiles and get 40 points. That will be a good move to win the game.
  • High-value letters are very important, like Z, X, Q, and J. To play like a pro, prefer to get help from the word helper tool online.
  • Neither use too many vowels nor too many constants. Try to use them in the mix.
  • In case if you have a lot of tiles, don’t try to form words with 3 to 5 letters. If you do so, your opponent can create long words and get the maximum score.

Considering Important Rules:

Some important word game rules are necessary to keep in mind. If you don’t consider them, you may lose the game.

Acceptable Words:

The proper nouns, abbreviations, acronyms, suffixes, or prefixes are not acceptable in the wordfeud game. Furthermore, words that require hyphens or apostrophes can’t be used. You can use foreign words that exist in the scrabble dictionary and are commonly used in English.

Bonus Points:

If you use all the letters simultaneously from your tile rack, you will get fifty points; It is called BINGO. However, this will be counted when you will actually have seven tiles on your rack. Three or four tiles in your rack do not count near the end of the game. These are the Hot POINTS in the scrabble game and can lead you to success.


Challenging a word is a bit risky, but it can give you important points. For example, if you challenge your opponent’s word, there are two options. If you are right in your claim, the opponent has to remove his/her tiles and will lose the turn. On the other hand, if you are wrong, the opponent will get all glorious points, and you will lose your upcoming turn.

Smart Tip:

The best and efficient way to win the wordfeud game is to use a Wordfeud Helper or WordFeud Woorden tool available online. You can use them freely without any cost. You have to just put letters from your tiles in these tools, and it will give you a list of words formed from that letters. All the words will be legal, and no one can claim them. Moreover, you can get words that will give you maximum points. In this way, you can win the game smartly and in a quick way.