Smart Swimming Pools—The Future is Here

Swimming Pools

Swimming Pools

What is a Smart Pool?

Everyone wishes for a cozy & clean swimming pool with plenty of lounging space by installing a stylish patio cover. But, if we say you can upgrade your swimming pool in a manner it adds tremendous convenience and impresses your friends & neighbors with ingenuity? Of course, we are talking about the smart pool.

As the name suggests, a smart pool works with all the latest technology to control your pool settings such as lighting and pool water temperature all with a few taps on your smartphone.

You can either construct a smart pool from scratch or upgrade your existing swimming pool., including hardware installations and adding wi-fi enabled products.

For instance, smart switches regulate the individual aspects of your swimming pool, from a pool cover reel to different lighting circuits. The entire system can be linked to a smartphone App, presenting you with all the power in your hand.

Smart Pools Are Convenient

Smart pools are incredibly convenient. Unlike a classic pool, a smart pool is fully automated and does require much manual maintenance or cleaning.

With a smartphone App and a few taps, you can control the various components of your pool.

No matter where you go you don’t have to worry about forgetting something to check, adjust or turn off. Smart pools are the pinnacle of modern convenience.

Saves Money

smart pool

smart pool

Cost is a key factor that most pool owners consider when upgrading their pool or investing in a smart pool. While it’s true that smart pool add-ons are pricey upfront, many people fail to realize how much money you can save from a smart pool over time.

By automating a variety of features — such as pool heat and filter run time — in your smart pool, you’ll save money on utility bills and cleaning supplies. In the long run, these small savings add up and a smart pool saves you money.

Saves Time

In 2021 and beyond, time is the most sought-after valuable resource in our life. In the hustles and bustles of life, it is challenging to devote time to pool maintenance and cleaning.

Would you want to spend your entire day scrubbing your pool surface or balancing the Ph level? Thanks to the smart pool technology, you can breathe a sigh of relief.

A smart pool lets you enjoy pool time with your family, friends, and neighbors, without any responsibilities hanging on your shoulders.

How Do Smart Pools Work?

Even though the smart pools seem complicated on the surface, they are simple to understand.

First things first, the smart pools are intelligently designed to make our life easier. It means all the features and key aspects of a smart pool are programmable, scheduled, and adjusted from your smartphone.

Each piece of smart pool technology is powered by the central power center and control panel.

Right from a timer that controls how long the pool filters run to a device that evaluates the pool water’s pH level and adjusts the chemicals in the pool.

The most advanced smart pools come with a central management system that lets you control up to 50 devices that are involved in the pool’s function.

Smart Pools Increase Your Property’s Value

On the long list of reasons why homeowners these days love smart pools is that it boosts your property’s value. A well-built, quality smart pool is likely to add to your property value. If you are planning to sell your periphery soon, investing in a smart pool is a value-for-money decision.

Different types of pools such as inground, above-ground, semi-inground, and infinity pools can be upgraded to a smart pool after installation.

Pool Cover is Still a Must-Have, Even if You Have a Smart Pool

Even if you have a smart swimming pool that warns you when there is a chemical imbalance or suggests the optimum pool water temperature based on the outside weather conditions, you still need a pool cover to cut down on the maintenance hassles & costs.

You can also add a pool reel to your swimming pool so that it opens and retracts with a flick of a switch or a click of a button. A pool cover prevents the dirt and debris from getting into the pool water. Therefore you need to vacuum your pool frequently. More importantly, it protects your kid or pet from accidentally falling into the pool water.