Saving on Home Energy Consumption

Home Energy Consumption

Home Energy Consumption

If you are looking for ways to save on your energy bills, you aren’t alone. So many people in Australia are feeling the pinch of rising electricity and gas prices – and if there’s any way to lower those bills, they’ll take them! There are ways to lower your bills – by choosing to use your energy wisely. Here is a primer on saving on home energy consumption to help you wrangle your bills back under control.

Audit your energy use to find potential savings

You need to have a score before you want to start to play and win. That means you need to audit your energy use – get a rough idea of what is being used at what time. Do you have many “energy vampires” in your house, i.e., appliances on standby? Do you use appliances such as dishwashers or washing machines even when they aren’t full? Are you still lighting your home with incandescent or halogen lightbulbs, which consume 10 times more power than LEDs? You may be able to find out energy usage with a smart meter; if you don’t have one, write down all the appliances and their usage and see which ones don’t need to be turned on until they’re needed, which can save a lot of power over time.

Using less gas – or none

Gas prices are the biggest contributor to energy bills in Australia in 2023, and using less will greatly influence how much your energy bills are each month or quarter. Installing blackout curtains, roller shutters, or electric heaters can reduce heating costs; and using air fryers or slow cookers can cost half as much as cooking on a gas stove. Opting for a heat pump or solar hot water system can also drastically reduce your gas bills, as you won’t have to rely on it for constant hot water.

Switch to solar or a new retailer

Though it can cost a lot upfront, switching your home to solar hot water or power can save a lot of money in the medium to long term as you gain independence from the electricity grid. If you aren’t able to install solar at your premises, you can use a comparison service to find a new, cheaper energy retailer. Be sure to have a bill handy so you can make “apples for apples” comparisons and ensure you save more than the tariffs you’re currently on.

Other tips for home energy savings

There are many other tips to save on energy around the home. You can take shorter showers to limit gas or electricity use; wash clothes in cold or lukewarm water; use drying racks or air drying where possible; fan force your oven when baking; replace appliances with high energy star ratings (4 or above); close off rooms you aren’t using and turn off all the power until you need it; and adjust your thermostat by a couple of degrees either way – each degree costs 10% more!

By following all these tips, you could save a bundle in energy costs!