LinkedIn Lead Generation with Dripify 



If you were to focus on only one social media platform for lead generation, it should be LinkedIn. 


Well, the numbers say it all! As per a recent study, LinkedIn is 277% more effective than any other social media platform. Also, 46% of social media traffic to the brand’s website comes from LinkedIn alone.  

Generating leads on LinkedIn is clearly a go-to-option for B2B marketers. But, it can be pretty exhausting to manually send messages, invitation requests, and follow-up with potential clients for lead generation.  

This is where automation tools come into play! 

LinkedIn automation tools not only automate your mundane LinkedIn tasks but also curate the best content for lead generation. Dripify is one such tool that puts LinkedIn lead generation and B2B prospecting on complete autopilot. In this guide, learn how to generate leads on LinkedIn and how Dripify can help you:  

How to generate leads on LinkedIn? 

If you’re still not using LinkedIn for lead generation, then you’re missing out on an enormous opportunity! From attracting new clients to raising awareness for your brand, LinkedIn is a staple for any marketing sales funnel. Here’s how to use LinkedIn for B2B lead generation for nurturing your connections and convert them into valuable prospects: 

Enhance Your LinkedIn Profile 

This might seem basic, but your profile matters a lot when it comes to attracting clients for lead generation. In many cases, you will probably connect with people you don’t know. Therefore, you should create an attractive profile, or else you can be marked as a spammer.   

To understand what parts of your profile you need to work on, you need to look at what your clients see in your profile at first glance. Also, remember to keep your profile to the point without leaving out the essential details for which you want to be found. 

Write compelling LinkedIn summary sections that will entice your potential clients toward you. 

Locate Potential Prospects 

The sheer size of LinkedIn’s network is a blessing but can also be a curse. With hundreds and millions of people over the platform,  it’s difficult to find the one that is relevant to your brand. 

Well, there are some ways you can try to find out the prospects that surely want to connect with you:

  • Visit the profiles of your existing clients and take names listed in the ‘People Also Viewed’ section.  
  • Look for the profiles who comment on your existing clients, as they could be good prospects too.  
  • Browse profiles of those who have interacted with your posts by going through the ‘Post & Activity’ section in the profile dropdown menu.  

Lastly, when reaching your newfound potential leads, be sure to send a personalized connection request to each one separately. Then, follow up with an InMail message that is concise and to the point.  

Endorse- A Golden Opportunity For Lead Generation 

Endorsement is a way of recognizing someone’s ability in a specific area. It is right in the center of the prospect’s profile. Lead generation and lead nurturing opportunities abound in this sector.  

Looking at the recommendations of your current relationships will help you uncover potential in terms of lead generation. There surely will be a few names from related industries that you haven’t contacted yet. 

Additionally, endorsements can be used to develop leads. A compliment or recommendation can reignite some fires if you haven’t connected with a prospect in a while. Also, you can recommend a new contact as a means to introduce yourself and appear in their notifications. 

Focus On Relationship Building 

We get it: You always want to step up your LinkedIn lead generation and want more customers and clients for your brands.   

But, the truth is this behavior has led to the unfortunate phenomenon of marketers spamming the platform.   

As a result, many C-Level executives and managers are being left with cold messages and some InMail they don’t even want to open. 

So, what can you do in such a situation? Instead of randomly sending out requests and invitations to clients, focus on relationship building, sharing relevant content, and engaging with your prospects on posts.  

Recent research also stated that marketers spend at least 13 pieces of content before sealing the deal. Ideally, you should give each and every one of your outreach letters a unique touch and provide your contacts with something of value (think: a newsletter, blog mention, etc.). 

Additionally, keep in mind that you can find and develop leads on LinkedIn before contacting them elsewhere (on Twitter or by email address).  

By doing this, you demonstrate that you have done your homework on your potential customers and that you are aware of the difficulties and frustrations associated with the current volume of InMail. 

Join LinkedIn Groups 

You must be present where your potential client and customers are. Join industry-relevant groups where you are most likely to find clients related to your brand and start conversations. Groups are an essential part of building your image with other professionals. With time, you’ll understand which groups are the most active and, therefore, worth focusing on.  

Also, make sure when you’re posting in a group, you select well-researched and relevant content rather than posting randomly and irrelevant to the ongoing discussion in the group. 

Why is LinkedIn good for lead generation? 

Linkedin gives B2B marketers a great platform to connect, build and nurture relationships with potential prospects.  


Well, statistically speaking, 89 percent of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to create leads, with 62 percent reporting that it produces two times as many prospects as the majority of other well-known social media sites. 

Strong professional targeting filters on LinkedIn and in-depth analytics assist you in connecting with the appropriate audience. 

The platform is the greatest option for everyone, not only B2B marketers. LinkedIn’s conversion rates are greater than other advertising networks, and the cost per lead is lower.  

How to Get Leads on LinkedIn? 

Reaching out to potential clients and consumers is often part of your lead generation on LinkedIn. The majority of businesses seek out decision-makers with purchasing authority. Make sure you fully comprehend your audience before beginning any marketing initiatives. Although it may seem tedious, doing this is essential if you want to succeed.   

One of the best ways to generate leads on LinkedIn is by leveraging automation tools. Brands can get more leads with Linkedin automation tools as they automate almost every task that would otherwise have to be done manually.   

Automation saves time, improves outreach, and helps you make a valuable lead generation strategy. Here’s how you can get more leads on LinkedIn with automation tools: 

Improves Sales Velocity 

As per Implicit data, the average conversion period is 84 days. Companies wind up losing a significant number of leads throughout these 84 days. 

The primary cause of this is that a rep neglected to follow up. Even if a representative followed up due to the overwhelming number of similar names, you might have followed up with the wrong contact.  

The use of LinkedIn automation technologies can significantly reduce these human errors. By automatically viewing their profiles and submitting a connection request, automation tools ensure that you only choose high-quality leads for contact. 

Connect With Potential Clients 

Mutual interest is a must for successful social media marketing. Though, you don’t have to send each potential client a connection request individually. The only thing you need to do is look at their profile and wait for them to contact you. 

However, if your team needs to do every task manually, this can be difficult and time-consuming. 

By automating LinkedIn, you can view more LinkedIn profiles in less time. Furthermore, you can approach them to close the deal by sending a connection request after you discover that they could be interested. 

Why Dripify Automation Tool? 

You must have understood by now that leveraging automation is the best way to get more leads on LinkedIn. But, with so many tools in the market. It can be pretty difficult to choose the right one.  

LinkedIn Lead Generation with Dripify is one of the best automation solutions for you. Dripify is simple to use and enables you to change your lead generation funnel completely. At the same time, you would have full control over your LinkedIn account.   

Send a connection request, get it accepted, endorse your talents, follow up, and follow up again if you don’t hear back. You can use this tool to meet your brand’s needs and goals.  


Lead generation on LinkedIn efforts must be consistent. Posting an article once a month and not opening your messages is not enough.  

You must share regular and relevant updates and stay connected with your potential prospects, as it will help in establishing authority and maintain credibility. LinkedIn lead generation tool allows you to generate more leads and nurture relationships without spending a lot of time on the platform. 

One such LinkedIn lead generation tool is Dripify that will be with you in every stage of the lead generation funnel. It can help you achieve your lead-generation goals in no time.