Latest French Manicure Ideas

Latest French Manicure Ideas

Latest French Manicure Ideas

If you love French nail design, there are so many French manicure ideas to choose from. Today, French tips have thicker and more angular acrylics than those from the past decades.

You can have fun experimenting with the numerous French manicure tips available today based on your preferences and personality. Here are some of the latest French manicure ideas you can try today.

  1. Color Block

Color block is a version that features French manicure leaning on straight lines on your nail tips. The blocks are created using thick color at the tip.

If you are looking forward to getting that modern final look, color block is the best version of French manicure ideas for you.

The color block version features uniqueness from the different colors used on each nail and the thickness of the color used on each nail.

  1. Rainbow V 

Are you having trouble settling for one polish color? This is the best of the French manicure ideas for you.

Rainbow V features v-shaped paint at the tip of the nail, where every nail has a combination of dark and light colors forming the v shape.

  1. Psychedelic Mix

It is the best choice of French manicure ideas if you want to use multiple colors to create a pattern of colors.

The psychedelic mix is stylish and will give you that trippy look with any color combinations you want.

  1. Tortoise Tips

Just as the name suggests, it is a French tortoise idea that will have a tortoise pattern painted on the tip of your nails.

It is among the best French manicure ideas because it brings an illusion of perfectly placed jewelry at the tip of your nail.

  1. Two-Tone French

This idea is created by having a black stripe in the middle of the two colors used at the tip to bring variation.

The stripe at the nail tip will divide the dark and the light color used at the tip for this type of French manicure idea. You can only see the difference if you are keen enough and you take a closer look.

  1. Floral French

The best choice of French manicure ideas for a spring appearance. This idea features some flowers at the tips of your nails.

It is not only about the flowers but also the flowers are different on each nail. You should note that the flowers are not found all over the nail but are only concentrated at the tips.

  1. Martini Mani

It is a French manicure idea that covers the tips with a martini. It is the best choice for a French manicure if you are a martini lover.

  1. The Classic

The classic is the super choice if you love the traditional French manicure. With the classic French manicure idea, you can match it with a white cat-eye for a more appealing look.

  1. Black Rainbows

This idea is created by adding a rainbow art at the tip of your curved tip. The nail is normally painted with black polish or gel as the base coat.

Black rainbows are one of the stylish French manicure ideas.

  1. Black And White Graphics

It is created by simply adding a black and white graphic at the tip of your nail. This idea is best if done on a light-colored base coat.

  1. Line

The simplest of all French manicure ideas. As the name suggests, the idea is achieved by drawing a thin line at the tip of your nail.

Line French manicure idea is best is it’s added on the light-colored base coat so that it is visible and noticeable at any distance.

This idea is very easy to come up with, and it is also cheap and low maintenance.

  1. Monochrome Split

It is created by painting one color and then allowing it to dry before painting the other. it is also one of the easiest French manicure ideas and is very cheap because it can even be done on top of basically undone natural nails.

  1. Marble Tips

Currently, marble tips are on trend. It is among the most recommended French manicure ideas by nail artists.

Purple color on perfectly done French tips will bring out the best combination.