Important Documents to Take Care During Moving 

While moving, many of us often overlook the most crucial task of sorting & safely transporting personal documents. These documents include a birth certificate, social security card, will, and academic certificate. They require careful handling so that the documents don’t get damaged or misplaced during the move.

Read on as we help you to take care of your documents during the move with a practical guide.

#1 Sorting the Personal Documents

Sorting the Personal Documents

Sorting the Personal Documents

The first step is to sort all your documents. Put aside the documents which have expired, not relevant or something you won’t ever need. These documents need product warranties. When sorting out the documents, be extremely careful.

Double-check to ensure that you don’t discard any document that you may require in the future.

If in doubt, it is better to keep such documents aside rather than discarding them. After all, a few pieces of paper won’t make a big difference.

As a piece of advice, destroy all the personal documents that you don’t need. You can either shred them or burn them off. In a nutshell, never throw documents containing sensitive and personal information in the trash bin. The primary reason is to prevent identity theft — your data getting into the wrong hands.

#2 Organise the Crucial Documents

Once you have sorted the documents, next is to organise them. Separate the document into different categories. These categories include legal documents, motor vehicle documents, medical documents, school documents, employment documents, and house documents.

For safely storing the organised documents, get folders as they protect your documents from spills and wear & tear.

#3 Collect The Documents You are Missing

By now you are done with sorting and organising your documents right? Next, is to check whether there is a crucial document missing? Any document that would be challenging to obtain after the move.

Some of these documents include:-

  • Vaccination record of your pet. You will need this document from your pet’s licensed vet in your region.
  • School records for your child such as transfer and character certificate. These documents will be required for enrolling your kid in a new school after the move.
  • Medical records & vaccination record for each member of the family for your family physician. You will require these documents for registering at a new hospital in your destination city.

#4 Backup the Most Essential Documents

Relocation is pretty much uncertain. Anything can happen during the move, and one must be prepared for that.

Provided you have enough time before the moving day, scan all your essential documents. Save the digital copy of each on your computer. Online cloud service is the most preferred backup option. Another option could be photocopying the documents, but it will only add the amount of paper you have to safely transport from your old home to a new one.

#5 Safe Transportation

Safe Transportation

Safe Transportation

The best advice is to move all your documents yourself via your vehicle, no matter how trustworthy your mover is. Always keep the documents close to you, and move them safely & securely in bags, folders, and boxes. The sensitive documents must be sealed with tamper-proof tape so that no one sees through the information. Never store documents near the moisture, as even limited exposure can wreak havoc. For extra protection, use plastic sleeves.

Label the personal documents carefully so that your Sydney city movers don’t load them on the truck.  Visit CBD Movers and learn about what all can be transported on the moving trucks.

Final Thought

Finally, when unboxing at your new residence make sure you take your documents as a priority. Otherwise, during the  arrangement of your new home, these documents may get misplaced. And, if you have small kids in your house, they may damage your important documents. You will have more time for sorting, organising, and packing your documents only if you have hired professional local movers. They will take care of every aspect of the move ensuring your complete peace of mind.