The best Software to Repair Videos on Mac PCs.

best Software to Repair Videos on Mac PCs.

best Software to Repair Videos on Mac PCs.

Video content is a great source of entertainment for anybody who loves to see and listen at the same time. You can keep video files for a memorable function you recorded, movies, or songs. Nowadays, we have people who have adopted video creation as a career and hence we cannot disregard the value of videos in our day-to-day lives.

Unfortunately, the worst happens when you get errors as you try to open these files. We all understand how it feels to have damaged files that cannot serve their purpose. You may also accidentally delete the files you have on your computer. Losing a lovely movie you were to watch after work is frustrating and demoralizing.

Thanks to Wondershare Repairit video repair software helps you to repair with the highest level of efficiency.

In this article, we have discussed what causes video damage, ways of repairing such videos, and how Repairit helps you to repair your corrupted files. You’ll also understand the steps of repairing damaged using Repairit.

Why Videos are damaged?

For videos to be damaged, there must be reasons or causes of their damage. Below are the main causes of video damage and one of them is likely to affect your videos:

  1. Viruses

Malware is known to damage hard disks and SD cards. Unfortunately, they can damage your files and fail to play. Files have extensions such as .m4r, .mp4, .m4p, and .m4a. When your computer is attacked by a virus, the file extension is changed to unreadable formats. Any file extension can be affected by the virus and hence you may need to recover your damaged files.

The virus binds to your video files and that’s why you see a different file extension. You can check this by right-clicking a file and then tampon Properties.

  1. Substandard File Player.

Some file players are incapable of processing your files effectively and may end up damaging your files. Before you install a video player on your computer, it is good to ensure that it’s authentic with the required properties.

  1. Random Computer Shutdowns.

If you force your computer to shut down while your video is playing, it can get corrupt. Such an action damages the elements of the video file.

  1. Changes in the file structure.

Some video files contain headers and metadata in their modules. If this data is altered to a different format, the video gets damaged and cannot play on your PC.

  1. Damaged Storage Device.

When memory cards or even hard disks are handled carelessly, they end up getting damaged internally which in turn affects the files stored in them. The files remain unviable and will require to be repaired before they start playing again.

  1. Poor Recording.

A poorly recorded video is more prone to getting corrupt. The errors can also be made while editing the videos and later fail to play when you open them.

If you delete an existing file and save a random file on your computer, you may get errors when you try to access the deleted file. This is because a restored file contains some random data which makes it hard to recover your original files.

You may never play your videos unless you repair them using a reputable video repair tool. Wondershare Repairit is the most reliable of such tools and it’s free to download and install. You can also use this software online if you don’t want to install extra files on your Mac computer.

The Regular Ways of Repairing Videos for Mac.

When you realize that your videos are damaged and can’t play on your computer, you must find out a way of repairing them. Of course, this could be a challenge if you don’t have previous experience with damaged files. One of the most popular ways of repairing videos is the use of the VLC media player. Though someone may consider it old-fashioned, it works effectively on minor file repairs.

In this digital era, people are moving to the use of advanced video repair tools which are available both online and offline. Amazing tools like Repairit are designed to help you repair your damaged videos with minimal hassle.

What Repairit Can Do When You Have Corrupt Video Files.

Wondershare Repairit is a specially designed software that helps people to repair their corrupt or damaged files on Mac computers. The software is available for download but could be used online too. Amazingly, this tool is also compatible with the Windows OS. With Repairit, you can repair any type of video file.

Features of Repairit.

A tool’s features make it better or best when compared to its competitors. Repairit is designed to serve anyone with a video repair problem. Here are some of its main features:

1. Video Preview.

This may sound obvious but accessing the files before saving them allows you to select the videos you wish to save. You will also be able to know whether files are fully repaired by clicking the play button as you preview the repaired files.

2. No Limitations.

The Repairit video repair tool doesn’t limit the size of files you can repair on your computer. This means that you can repair small files like funny clips and large files such as movies. You can use it to repair Standard Definition, High Definition, and 4k video files.

3. Supports Different Formats.

Although most file repair tools support specific formats, Repairit works with all popular file formats. You can effectively repair AVI, MOV, MP4, M4V, and FLV files.

4. Other Features.

In addition to the above features, Repairit is compatible with different gadgets and devices that you can connect to your computer. You can repair videos from an SD card, cameras, or any other device. Again, it updates the software automatically unlike some tools that require you to download new versions whenever there is an update.

How to Repair Videos for Free.

  • Open the Wondershare Repairit software and click the plus symbol (+) button.
  • Add the corrupt video files for processing.
  • Preview the files and save them in your preferred folder.


Videos may get corrupt for any of the possible causes. If this happens, you shouldn’t stay worried. All you need is to use the Wondershare Repairit video repair tool and get back your videos in shape.