How to Write a Critical Analysis Essay for Dummies?



A critical analysis essay is a type of academic paper. Writing it successfully requires good critical thinking, skills of critical reading, and critical writing. This paper is based on the analysis of a work of art, piece of nonfiction literature, literary work, etc.

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Guide to Creating a Critical Analysis Essay

If you want to learn how to create a stellar critical analysis essay yourself, then the guide below will help you with that. Try to study it carefully.

Drawing up a Plan of Work

The student makes the preliminary plan of work independently on the basis of preliminary acquaintance with the literature. When drawing up the plan it is necessary to define the maintenance of separate sections and to give them the corresponding titles, to think over the maintenance of each section, and to outline in the form of paragraphs a sequence of questions that will be considered. The general structure of the plan should be subject to the logic of disclosure of the research topic. It is necessary to maintain the subordination of the title of the topic, sections, and paragraphs.

However, the plan of a paper should be flexible, as changes in the work plan may be associated with some adjustment of work, the need for which may arise after a detailed study of the problem.

Selection of Literature

The selection of literature should begin immediately after choosing the topic of the work. Textbooks, manuals, monographs, periodicals, laws and regulations, collections of scientific articles and conference proceedings, foreign sources, databases, materials of official Internet sites can serve as sources of information for writing a critical analysis essay.

When analyzing the information, it is necessary to follow the following recommendations:

  • First of all, it is necessary to consider the literature that reveals the theoretical aspects of the research question (monographs, textbooks, and journal articles), then use instructional materials;
  • When studying the literature, it is not necessary to strive to master all the information presented, but to select only that which is directly related to the topic of work;
  • It is necessary to focus on the latest data on the relevant issue, based on the most authoritative sources, including foreign periodicals;
  • Exactly indicate where the materials came from;
  • Facts from literary sources should be approached critically;
  • In order to convey the author’s opinion of the original source without distortion, quotations should be used to identify views when comparing different opinions.

Writing the Introduction, Main Part, and Conclusion

Like any other type of essay, a critical analysis essay consists of three main parts: an introduction, main part, and conclusion.

The introduction is traditionally considered to be the most complex and very important part of a critical analysis essay. The introduction reveals the essence and state of development of the scientific problem to which the student addresses, formulate the purpose and objectives of the study, justifies the need for further studies, analyzes the source base. It must have a certain structure, due to scientific logic:

  • The actuality of theme;
  • Definition of the object and subject of research;
  • The degree of study of the topic in the special scientific literature;
  • Definition of the purpose and objectives of the study;
  • A brief overview of the source base of the study;
  • Characteristics of the research methodology;
  • The practical significance of the results obtained;
  • General characteristics of the content of the work.

The main part of the critical analysis of the essay is divided into sections, which in turn are divided into paragraphs. The content of the sections must correspond exactly to the topic of the work and fully disclose it. The sections of the main part should demonstrate the author’s ability to concisely, logically, and argumentatively present the material. The sections reveal the essence of the problem, its practical state, summarize the results of the study, form the author’s proposals and approaches to solving the problem.

The conclusion is a consistent, logical, coherent presentation of the results and their relationship with the overall goal and specific objectives set and formulated in the introduction. In this part, the main results of the study are represented, practical recommendations are set out, scientific novelty and practical significance of the results of the work are emphasized.

Arrangement of the Bibliographic List

The bibliographic apparatus in the essay is an expression of scientific ethics and the culture of scientific work. Due to it, that readers can judge the degree of awareness of the student about the state of the problem in theory and practice.

The bibliographic list in the work should be titled “List of used literature”. It should contain a list of sources used in writing essays that are referenced in the text of the work. The list of used literature reflects the number of sources used and the degree of study of the research topic, is the calling card of the author of the work, his professional face, indicates the level of mastery of skills in working with scientific literature.

When arranging a list of used literature, it is necessary to comply with the requirements of the standard.

Text Editing

The text is edited at the final stage of work on the creation of a critical analysis essay. Detected errors are corrected, clarifications are carried out. There are also clarifications based on the teacher’s comments, registration of appendices, as well as improvement of the introductory part and conclusion.

So, this article has described how to create a good critical analysis essay. The material provided here is valuable in that it presents a consistent guideline that can be followed to create unique, quality paper without any difficulty. Get to work and you will definitely cope with the task!