How to Use Golf Rangefinder

Golf Rangefinder

Golf Rangefinder

Nothing beats the feeling of shooting a goal ball to the hole. Most golf players struggle to estimate the distance to the target. Getting a perfect swing and precision, requires experience and the right golf tools to guide you through. A best golf rangefinder comes into play by calculating the distance between the player and the target. There are three types of rangefinders used by players; GPS, reflection, and laser.

Join me as we discuss how to use each of the golf range finders.

How to Operate Laser Golf Rangefinders

Laser golf rangefinders use laser beams to measure the shooting distance. The accuracy depends on the light reflected at the targeted location. These devices manage to get an accurate measurement when aimed at a bright surface. Some golf players make it easier by attaching dazzling objects at every flagstick. Here are the steps to follow when using a laser range finder.

  1. Switch on your laser golf rangefinder.
  2. Depending on the place you are playing, you can alter the mode and sights. For instance, if playing in a sloppy place, there are settings that make it easier to play on such features.
  3. After making your adjustments, click the button when you get a clear image.

 How to Use GPS Rangefinders

The effectiveness of a GPS rangefinder depends on Google map accuracy. That means that in areas where Google has limited data, it can give an inaccurate result. This device takes less than two seconds to estimate the distance and then share it on the map. Follow the basic steps below on how to use GPS rangefinders.

  1. Load your location to the golf rangefinder. In most cases, golf courses have their locale maps on the net for marketing purposes.
  2. Give your rangefinder time to connect with the GPS satellite.
  3. Decide on the hole you wish to target. GPS rangefinder gives measurements depending on the gradient and the GPS map distance.

Note that the GPS signal determines the accuracy and quantity of satellites to connect at one time. Always update your device and check for current maps to get the best results.

How to Use Optical Rangefinders

With advanced equipment coming up, optical rangefinders are becoming obsolete. They play the same purpose as other rangefinders but have basic features. Mostly, they only have one knob that controls the visibility of your target. The main drawback of an optical rangefinder is that it may give inaccurate results compared to others.

Final Thoughts

Golfing is all about getting the ball into one of the holes. Sometimes, this is not possible depending on the club’s used, experience, and location. Rangefinders make it easier and enjoyable by giving accurate measurements to the target. They are the most complicated devices to operate, but they play a vital role in a golf game. Currently, there are rangefinders with slope settings in the market. They come in handy when calculating target distance in hilly places. For best results, hold your golf rangefinder with one hand and put your elbow on the chest for enhanced stability.

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