How To Store Your Golf Carts Safely During Off-Season?

Golf Carts

Golf Carts

If you wish to enjoy golfing during the peak season, it’s vital to store its property to avoid pitfalls. A Golf Cart Garage or shed is the perfect place to store golf carts during the offseason.

A good-sized golf shed should typically be 12/12 feet that will be enough to store clubs and accessories. The shed should remain in a favorable location with simple access to your driveway. There shouldn’t be any flooding or water leakage inside your garage or shed.

In this blog, you will be looking at golf cart storage tips and building the ideal garage for your cart. A golf cart garage can be an excellent place to winterize your coaches and use them in top condition when the golf season arrives.

How To Keep Your Cart In The Best Shape?

We all want our golf cart to run like speedy rabbits. If you’re going to achieve the best shapes for your golf cart, follow these top tips:

  • Turn off the keys and disconnect all the power plugs from your battery.
  • Clean your golf cart thoroughly, including the floors, outside, and upholstery. Wipe down the batteries once every three days but do it only after disconnecting all the terminals
  • Use a floor mat on your garage to avoid dirt, grime, and corrosion on the surface.
  • Fully charge the battery before using your cart. An automatic charger works best because it comes with a power indicator that saves you battery drainage.
  • The tires will deflate during winter, so check the tire pressure and inflate them to protect the wheels.
  • If your golf cart doesn’t have an automatic watering system, use distilled water to refill. Ensure that there are no leakages because it will spill on the golf cart garage floors
  • Use a golf cart cover to store it safely. It only takes a few minutes and is widely available online.
  • Inspect the batteries every day and check the water levels. You can also consult a pro for efficient storage tips and maintenance tips.

Building Your DIY Golf Cart Garage Shed

You don’t require extensive skills to build a golf cart garage door. The shed must include a foundation, floor, walls, door, ramp, and space must be 12/12 feet and accommodate golf carts, clubs, and other accessories.

Building The Foundation And Floors

  • Use a step to measure the corners and adjust the stakes. Setup concrete blocks for foundation, one in each center of the walls and one in the shed
  • Place a longboard with a 4-foot level from the top and level the panels in all directions.
  • Build the floors with pre-treated boards. Cut the boards with a saw and nail them using a square nail and drill it using hammers. Cover the bases with plywood and seal the joints using galvanized deck screws

Building The Walls

  • Walls are one of the most crucial aspects of a golf cart garage. Square the walls and add studs with 16″ intervals
  • Place the plywood on the gaps and measure the opening correctly. You can also nail full studs on each side of the space.
  • Cut the studs that will fit perfectly on the corner walls. Make a gap between overlapping the wall tops and working in screws between the two ends.

Building The Roofs

  • There are plenty of roofing options available for your golf cart garage. You can use a prefabricated roofing design and fasten the ends to each side of the truss end.
  • Deck the roof with truss boards, and use galvanized steels. You should layout the roofing papers and overlap them at the pick.
  • Pierce the shingles to both sides using nail caps.

You can also design a customized golf cart garage that will utilize the most space. It’s always safer to renovate your existing garage than building a new one. It creates new possibilities for your entire home. It will have enough room for your golf cart and keep it secure throughout the offseason.

Benefits Of Storing Your Cart Inside Garage

There are numerous benefits of installing a golf cart garage. Let’s look at some of them:

  • It adds safety and security to your golf carts rather than leaving them outside exposed to the elements and human intrusions.
  • It is the best option for winterizing your golf carts. But it would help if you remembered to build a shade with a ventilator that will avoid a fire hazard.
  • It will also keep your golf carts in top shape during the offseason. So, when the time to play comes, you will enjoy the maximum benefits from your cart.

You can DIY a golf cart garage by following the installation guides mentioned in this article. But if you are unsure, contact experienced contractors to do the job for you. Also, make sure to buy a proper cover to ensure maximum protection for your cart.