Elevator shoes will make you appear taller

Elevator shoes

Elevator shoes

Are you insecure about your height? Do you think you would feel more confident or more attractive if you were just a few inches taller? Do you struggle with poor posture, back pain, or foot pain from being on your feet all day? If so, you may be in the market for a pair of good, high-quality elevator shoes.

Platform shoes have gotten a bad rap in recent years for being pitiful and obvious. But that’s just not the case for elevator shoes; that is, if you’ve acquired a high-quality brand like guidomaggi. With a good pair of well-made elevator shoes, you can get that extra height boost without sacrificing your comfort or pride. Read on to find out more about what elevator shoes are, what they can do for you, and how a luxury pair can make your life better.

What are Elevator Shoes?

To start with, what are elevator shoes, really? Simply put, elevator shoes are shoes that make you discreetly taller. They are made for both men and women, and can easily gain you an extra two to five inches of height. Unlike high heels, with a good pair of elevator shoes, no one will ever know that the wearer is not actually that tall.

Elevator shoes differ from other height-increasing shoes namely in their discreteness. The secret to elevator shoes’ success lies in the fact that their height boosters exist in the form of hidden insoles, rather than as a thick heel increase. There are also several other health benefits to elevator shoes, which we will discuss shortly. There are several retailers that offer cheaply made elevator shoes at a low cost, but if you really want shoes that are comfortable, discreet, and physically beneficial for the wearer, you’re going to want to spend a bit more on a truly luxury pair like guidomaggi.

Elevator Shoe Benefits

Elevator shoes provide a multitude of benefits to the wearer, both physically and psychologically. Most obviously, the primary benefit of elevator shoes is a height boost. This may mean different things depending on your reason for needing a few extra inches. You may want to feel more powerful, more dominating in the workplace. You may desire to appear more attractive to the ladies you meet up with at the bar. Whatever the case, a good, discreet pair of elevator shoes can make all this happen for you. Additionally, wearing elevator shoes has been directly linked to a confidence boost – which, in and of itself, can make you appear more attractive both to your boss and to the opposite sex.

For women, you may want the same confidence-building height boost and leg-slimming factor that high heels provide, but without having to actually wear uncomfortable high heels. Elevator shoes, available in a wide range of styles, can provide you with the same height boost and high-heeled look while wearing, say, a pair of boots or sneakers, and all while wearing a comfortable, cushioned insole.

Finally, there are several physical benefits to wearing elevator shoes as well. The soft insoles can help cushion feet and provide support, particularly if you are on your feet all day. Everyone who works a highly mobile job knows the toll that lots of walking and standing can take on your feet and knees. Elevator shoes can provide better posture and less foot pain after a long day of work.