How to Read Someone’s Text Messages without Their Phone for Free?

Trust is a rare commodity today with people cheating everyone everywhere. In such conditions, the only way to keep track of someone’s activity is by hacking into the phone of that person. But, it feels like you would need to learn hacking and complex coding to do this which is not actually true.

Now, you can hack the phone of anyone and read their messages and you can track someone’s location online without the need for any technical knowledge. What makes it possible to do so? It is tracking apps that gives you the opportunity to feel like a top detective without the need of learning how to code.

There are many different tracking apps that are very popular in Playstore and Appstore. It would not be easy for someone who has no idea about technology to find the perfect tracking app to hack the phone. If you are one of those people, then you have come to the right place as you would know which is the best app to tracking on someone without getting caught.

Part 1: Knowing The Best App to tracking on Someone

You must be wondering which tracking app is the best for you. I have made the job much easier for you by doing all the research and testing to finally select the perfect tracking app for you. The name of the best tracking app according to me and millions of other people is Minspy.

Minspy is trusted by people all over the world and you can see the amazing reviews that people are giving it in Playstore and Appstore. Minspy is featured in some of the most famous websites in the world like Forbes, CNET, Android Authority, and many more. Minspy also gives you many features to tracking on someone’s phone and keep a proper eye remotely.



Part 2: What Makes Minspy the Best?

Even though there are many tracking apps that you can find online, I would choose Minspy over all of them because of the range of features it offers. It provides the user an amazing experience and the dashboard of Minspy can be accessed from anywhere if you have a stable internet connection.

2.1 See All Kinds of Messages

Minspy can be used to access messages of any kind. You can see direct messages to their phone from their contacts and also all the messages in their different social media accounts. Snapchat, Facebook, Whatsapp, and many other account messages of the person you are spying on would be easily accessible to you because of Minspy.



2.2 Track Location Also

With Minspy you get the feature of tracking someone in real-time as well. It can be very frustrating when someone lies to you about being somewhere when in reality they are someplace else. You can keep an eye on the location of your spouse or our employer and make sure that they are at the place they were supposed to be.

2.3 Check the Contacts and Dialed Numbers

You can check all the numbers in the contact book of the person you are tracking. You would get all their information like email, address, and other things which can help you track with whom they are talking. You would also be able to check the most dialed numbers easily from the Minspy dashboard as it would filter the results for you.

2.4 Check Images and Videos 

You can check all the images and the videos that someone stored on their mobile when you install Minspy on their phone. The images and videos can tell you what they are trying to hide. It is a very important feature that most other tracking apps don’t provide.

2.5 Safety of Data

When you are spying on someone the safety of the data of that person becomes your responsibility. There are not many trusted tracking apps online on which you can put your faith in like you can in the case of Minspy. Minspy is very strict about the safety of the data of their customers.

Minspy has taken the best measures and they use the latest technology to keep their servers safe from any hacker attack. They also don’t allow their own employees to check the data of their customers. Only you and you alone would have access to the data of the person you are spying on.

Part 3: How Can You Use Minspy? 

Minspy can be used to tracking on both Android and iPhones with some very simple steps. Before you read the steps it is a good idea to sign up for a Minspy account for free. The next step would be to check their demo video to know about the dashboard of Minspy.

3.1 How To Install Minspy on Android

You can install Minspy on an android phone even if you don’t root it. You would get more features though if you can root the android phone. The first step to tracking on someone is to install the Minspy app on their android phone.

The app would automatically disappear after installation is complete. You can then log in to your Minspy account using any browser on your computer or your laptop. The next step is then to click the start button and you would be able to see the messages and other activities of that person.

3.2 How To Install Minspy on iPhone

It is easier to install Minspy on an iPhone than to install it on an android phone. You won’t even need access to the iPhone to install Minspy on it. You can also install Minspy on an iPhone without needing to jailbreak it which is a very cool feature.



It is very easy to install Minspy on someone’s iPhone. You can just log in to your Minspy account and give the iCloud credentials of the iPhone you want to tracking on. You would get access to that phone and you would just then need to click the start button to tracking on the person.


It is not easy for someone who doesn’t have any advanced technical knowledge to tracking on someone. Minspy made this difficult task a child’s play now. Anyone can use Minspy to securely tracking on others without getting detected.