How to Clean a Suede Minimalist Wallet



Suede wallets are a staple fashion statement among men and women who love tromping the streets with suede products. They are classy, versatile, and more often than not, super comfortable. However, not all is said about these cozy accessories. How do you even clean a minimalist wallet that does not get wet? 

Read through this guide for a proven step-by-step process on how to clean and maintain a minimalist suede wallet. 

What you will need 

  • Suede brush 
  • Suede rubber
  • White Vinegar
  • A face cloth 
  • Eraser or rubber 


  • Keep the wallet dry

Unlike cowhide skin, nylon-fiber, or metal, suede wallets are soft and somewhat like velvet when new. Their surfaces consist of soft grains that you can only clean with a special brush. When wet, the grains can chip off upon brushing and become very stiff once the moisture dries.  It is, therefore, necessary to keep the wallet dry before jump-starting the whole cleaning ordeal. 

  • Remove any dust or grit from the surface of your minimalist wallet

The most efficient way to remove dust and grit from the surface of a suede wallet is through brushing. However, you need to check with the manufacturer’s care and maintenance guide on the most appropriate brush for your wallet. Some brushes come with synthetic bristles, while some feature brass or natural bristles. 

When brushing the surface of your wallet, make sure to run the bristles towards one direction. For example, if you are brushing from left to right, maintain that direction so that you do not change the texture of your wallet. Move the brush softly back and forth until all the specks of dust and grits are all done with. 

  • Dislodge the remaining scuff with a rubber

Suede rubber does the magic of removing any scuff that needs more than just soft brushing. Hold the wallet with one hand and use the other hand to rub any remaining stain off the surfaces. Your regular pencil rubber is also handy for this task. 

  • Use white

    vinegar for  more stubborn stain

White vinegar is the only liquid that is efficient when cleaning most suede products. It dampens the soft grains for some time, alters the color of the wallet, then evaporates. The acidic liquid is also suitable for removing grease and ink marks from the surface of a suede wallet. 

  • Budge any particle and dust off your face washer
  • Dip one corner of the face washer in a bowl of white vinegar
  • Use the damp corner of the face washer to rub the stained spots  back and forth
  • Keep rubbing until all the stains are removed
  • Apply a suede protector

Hold the can upright at about 6″ from the surface. Spray the wallet with slow, sweeping motions. Sit the wallet for about 10 minutes to dry. 


Suede is an amazing fabric. When used on wallets, it adds depth and character to any outfit. Sadly though, everything we use to clean other types of wallets will end up staining suede.  And since suede is expensive, it fits you best to give your wallet regular maintenance at a certain interval for outstanding aesthetic appearance.