How Can You Volunteer At Your University? 



When it comes to volunteering, students have a lot of questions. They are curious about what steps to take and how this would benefit them short term and future. Student volunteering is great for your development, and it provides you with means through which you can help people in need. Let’s not forget how it is such a great addition to your CV!

We understand why your first instinct would be to shy away from this task. You hardly get any free time while in the university, so when you do have one, all you want to do is binge watch a movie on Netflix or scroll through Instagram till you fall asleep. While these are honestly reasonable, it would do nothing but give you short-term satisfaction. Doing volunteer work like community service, and local fundraising can go a longer way in your personal and career development. There are a lot of essay examples that highlight the experiences of other scholars, and you can read them for more clarity.

These samples are personal anecdotes of other students who have walked this path, despite their tight college schedules, and you can draw strength and confidence from them. If you need more direction on the different types of volunteering and how each one can benefit you, then let’s take a look at this:

Community Action

This is one of the biggest ways youths volunteer at university, and it has remained at the forefront of service for many years. There are several tiers to this, and depending on your personality and schedule as a student, you are allowed to pick what truly works for you.

As a service to your community, you can choose to participate in trash cleanups, where you pick up all the litter and dirt around town. If that isn’t your cup of tea, you can decide to spend your weekends with the elderly in care homes. These people get lonely sometimes, and being there can help alleviate the loneliness and make them feel better.

If you love to teach, your community action can take a different turn, like creating essay workshops and language classes to help international students learn faster.

Project Leaders 

All the above projects need leaders, and volunteering is another means of service. So many modern universities organize regular charity events and fundraisers to help raise financial and social awareness of many issues. To effectively carry these out, they need student volunteers to take on the role(s) as executives.

These leaders are mounted with so many responsibilities that might take a lot of time and effort, which is why there might not be a huge turn-up. However, those who apply for the position would be given time to campaign, after which the winner would be voted in. This role is enviable, highly respectable, and looks great on a resume.



Charity Fundraising 

These events are held throughout the year in universities or colleges and are usually spearheaded by a student body or executives. The sole aim of this event is to raise money for a noble cause or organization. By putting a fundraiser together, not only are you donating money to an amiable cause, but you are putting in your time and effort as well.

Fundraisers have been made more fun these days with several ideas like college dances where people pay a little fee to be admitted, sports competition, food sales, gaming marathons, and even walkathons.

Volunteering Abroad 

Volunteering abroad as a student will have an amazing impact on you and your career. Seeing life from a different angle can help you develop better aspirations and ideas, not only for yourself but for the community you find yourself in.

So many organizations cover most of the costs accrued by these projects, leaving you only to cover your flight and other miscellaneous expenses. However, you will be duly matched to a placement where your skills and abilities will be properly appreciated.

Volunteering Outside of University 

There is a life beyond the four walls of your universities, and experiencing this would profoundly change your perspective for the better. This is because you will have the liberty to mingle with different sets of people, not just students.

You can take up service in the local food bank by helping to disburse food to the less privileged. You can choose to serve as a curator in the museum or a member of the red cross. All these projects would take you outside the university and build your portfolio.


Even if you don’t know it yet, volunteering is a big part of your education. It might not teach you the necessary skills for a blue-collar job, but the impact would continue far after you leave your school behind. Pick a service today, and give it your best. You will be grateful you did.