From Passion To Profit: What To Keep In Mind

From Passion To Profit: What To Keep In Mind


Everyone has a passion for something, and yes, you can turn your passion into profit. It’s not a dream or something out of touch with reality! It just requires some work and determination.

There are many bits of advice on how to succeed from the scratch. Let’s draw a line of what you should know when turning your passion into a business!

9 advices on how to turn your passion into a business

#1 Start small

Test out every single step of yours, and don’t rush! Small steps will be enough to see if a particular idea has the potential of being fruitful or not. It’d be much better than investing all your efforts into something that won’t work out in the end.

#2 Find the pressure points

The next advice comes out of the previous one – see what gaps are in the industry, and go for the idea of how you can fill them and find a solution to an existing problem. Interact with people and see what their struggles and wishes are. That will give you a clearer view of how you can help them out!

#3 Your job is important

Don’t fall for the narrative that 9 to 5 is a hamster wheel you need to escape. It feeds you, pays your bills, and gives you stability. Working 9 to 5 can be dreadful, but don’t leave your day job until your venture succeeds! You don’t want to end up unemployed in case your idea doesn’t thrive.

#4 Live and learn

There’s no such thing as total knowledge of anything – you will always have something you don’t know, and you should learn it! Learn more about your industry and its peculiarities, master your skills, and you will be much more powerful.

You can do it either by yourself or by investing in training and programs that will give you not only valuable knowledge, but certificates that can help you find a job in the field.

#5 Take it step by step

Goals are goals because they’re big. And when you have a big goal in front of you without any understanding of how you can achieve it, you can get VERY discouraged. Don’t be scared: plan everything out, break down your big goal into steps, and go for them! That way, you can achieve them faster, simpler, and with a much clearer vision.

#6 Focus on your skills

It’s impossible to be Jack of all trades, and no one can do every single thing flawlessly. Focus on what YOU do well and do it while leaving other parts or those who know it better. Working with data, accounting, marketing, the list can continue for pages – if you can delegate it, DO it! There’s no time to spend.

#7 Self-belief is a key

Don’t make excuses about why you can’t do something. Find a reason WHY you should do something! Even the coolest people in the industry felt unsure and uncomfortable when starting – but they succeeded only because they DID start. Once again, you don’t have the luxury of time, and it’s better to do things in the process than avoid starting by telling yourself you’re not enough.

And surround yourself with non-toxic people.  We all know those ‘experts’ who can only criticize and find reasons why you should stay in a miserable but ‘stable’ position – you don’t need that energy in your life!

#8 Don’t be scared of the risk

Risk is an inevitable and important part of any success. Change is scary, unstable, but necessary to achieve your dream life! If you have a chance, use it! You will never know unless you try it!

#9 Take everything with a grain of salt

Life is not always smooth, and you need to be ready for some bumps on your road. Don’t take everything too seriously – before kids learn how to walk they fall COUNTLESS times, but they still get what they need. You might fail, and most probably you will, but it’s how you pick yourself up and learn from your mistakes. Be open to criticism and new things, and keep your irony and humor!