Free Auto Clicker Software Online

Free Auto Clicker software is an adept and wonderful software designed by IT professionals to automate the clicking action. Repetitively slamming the mouse is cumbersome and draining. In this modern era, no one likes staying stuck with a mouse for making hundreds of clicks manually and wasting their time in such an exhausting task. They would demand such software that can uplift the burden of continual clicking for completing their tasks. They want to bring automation to their lives by ditching such strenuous tasks. Auto Clicker Software is a good program for such people as it not only accomplishes their task at a faster rate by making finite or infinite continuous clicks but also performs all tasks efficiently & accurately. It works exactly like manual clicking is done.

Outstanding features of Automatic Clicker Software

This Automation software program comes with heaps of striking benefits for the users. Any person who downloads this software to accomplish their tasks or play games can relish these astounding features. All the benefits are listed here.

  • Free auto clicker software comes with dazzling features that will serve the purpose you have downloaded it for. 
  • Compact and Convenient User Interface without any complexities
  • Nominal use of CPU
  • Free from malware and advertisements
  • All mouse and keyboard inputs can be saved and you can play them back when needed
  • Easy settings interface
  • You can schedule the actions with ease
  • Portable 
  • Programming knowledge is not required
  • Operates smoothly without causing any load on webpages
  • Utterly safe to use as it is virus-free
Auto Clicker Software

Auto Clicker Software

Knowing all these wonderful features, you must know to automate mouse clicks whenever required. It will save you a lot of time that you can invest somewhere else. Moreover, give some rest to your fingers because now you can simulate as many clicks as you want without any interference.  This software has generic as well as personalized/advanced versions. You can select any of your choices, however, the generic version has proven to be more useful because personalizing the software puts limitations on it. Both types serve the same purpose of automatic clicking.  

Guide to Use Automatic Clicker Software

This software has a user-friendly interface and can be obtained and operated easily by following the stated below steps. All the steps are very simple and available on one window screen. You do not have to deeply explore it because its interface is not complicated.

  1. Download free auto clicker software in your system
  2. Run the software, once the installation is completed.
  3. On your screen, auto clicker software window will appear exhibiting multiple options
  4. Through the click interval option, you can adjust the duration of clicks in milliseconds, seconds, minutes or hours as per your requirement. 
  5. Next is Click options, which allow you to opt for left or right mouse buttons and click type (Single or double)
  6. Click repeat option will help you to adjust as many clicks as you want
  7. Moving further, cursor position lets you pick the current location or you can opt for pick location using X and Y coordinates
Auto Clicker Software

Auto Clicker Software

This is all you need to do. You can see the “Start” button at the bottom. Besides, there is a “Stop” button as well. Either you can use these buttons to start/end the auto clicker or you can opt for the “F6” hotkey. For your ease, you can select the hotkey of your choice, using the “Hotkey settings Button”. Another benefit of Hotkey is that you can hide the auto clicker window after giving it input and end this using default or self-assigned hotkey. Additionally, if any program is running, this software can still work in the background without interfering with the running tasks, which makes this program an ultimate & best choice for automatic clicker users.

Lastly, there is another wonderful option “Record and Playback”. Through this option, you can record all the mouse and keyboard actions as script files. You can playback the recorded actions whenever you want. It prevents you from the hassle of providing the input again and again. This is as simple as the music player. Any person without expertise can even operate it with ease. 

Auto Clicker Software

Auto Clicker Software

Free Auto Clicker Software Uses 

There is plenty of auto clicker software available that serves a multitude of actions by aiding you to auto click the mouse. You can simply sit back and let the software make clicks for you. 

  • People, who love to listen to music via headphones, do not need to change music again and again through the screen. They can simply set automatic clicking for playing their playlist.
  • Similarly, this auto clicker software is very useful for computer programmers, webmasters, IT technicians and web developers as well.  These people have been using automatic clicking software for data crawling, web application monitoring and analysis. Web developers are using this tool for performing various actions such as web testing, browser automation, data extraction from servers and desktop devices.


  • Gamers are so annoyed with the need to buy a mouse over and over again because in certain games, for example, Minecraft or MapQuest, loads of clicks are required to win the game. This continual clicking leads to mouse damage, hence causing them extra cost. Along with this, gamers also experience wrist pain and swelling that affects their performance in the game ultimately leading them to lose top position and face defeat. With the introduction of free auto clicker software, gamers are tickled pink as their problem is sorted out and they can snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. 
  • With this automatic clicker software, they can configure mouse actions as per their game requirement and enjoy efficient clicking on time. For instance, In a Minecraft game, you can easily break the maximum bricks within 500milliseconds using this robust and monotonous clicking software. The best thing about this software is that it does not cost any money and gamers can enjoy victory free of cost.

To conclude, you can save yourself from the frustration of massive clicking needed in different applications or games by using this free auto clicker software as it exhibits all the striking features which are required in any software to get the job done successfully. Download it and relish the automatic clicking software advantages without putting any effort into it.