Love is the most beautiful emotion in life, and marriages are the connecting thread of two lovers. Everything related to marriage is the most memorable part of life, which will remain unforgettable throughout the lifetime. Likewise, the engagement rings are products that bind two people to a lifelong commitment and connect them emotionally and mentally. This tradition of exchanging rings is observed and practiced in history, which have developed until now with many varieties and different modern trends.

Marriage is not only a ritual, but it is a lifelong commitment. Therefore everything related to it needs to be perfect and beautiful, which attracts the heart and mind of the two lovers who will be united.

Importance of engagement ringsĀ 

These rings are generally dedicated to the people who are about to get married. Married people wear these rings for a lifetime to remind themselves that they are committed to the other person.

They are often presented as a gift by a partner to their future spouse during the proposal of marriage. Accepting the ring indicates that the partner has accepted the marriage proposal.

These rings are the formal agreement to the marriage. These rings are usually worn on the ring finger of the left hand, according to western culture. However, it varies with a different culture.

Significance of these rings are-

  • The ring indicates the promise of marriage.
  • It is the symbol of commitment and devotion towards the beloved partner.
  • These rings are generally circular and closed, which indicates that love has no end.
  • The ring also represents the universal sign of faithfulness, eternal love, infinity and perfection.
  • It expresses the emotions and feelings of the counterpart.

Why should one need to buy an engagement ring?

  • The ring has an immense traditional meaning which binds the two people together.
  • It adds up to the emotional value and is the best investment in any marriage.
  • It brings fortune to the marriage according to old folklore and myths.
  • It is an expression of happiness and showcases the happiness of the two people who are engaged.

Ancient myths about engagement rings-

The ancient Romans believed that these rings must be worn on the left finger, as the finger contained a vein directly connected to the heart, and they used to call it the vein of love or “vena amoris“. Hence, wearing the ring on the finger became a symbol of the love connected to the hearts of a married couple.

The most modern types of engagement rings are as follows-

  • Solitaire ring: It includes a single diamond on it.
  • Halo ring: It includes a dazzling centre stone surrounded by a luminous circle of smaller diamonds.
  • Three stone ring: It includes a dazzling trio of stones with a round or fancy shaped central stone paired with complementary side stones.

Characteristics of the ring are as follows-

  • The cut of the ring must be crucial and must suit the finger accurately.
  • The ring must be stylish, at the same time light and can be used for daily wear.
  • One must purchase it from a well-known vendor so that price and material remain worthy.

The engagement rings have a significant rich history, which is deeply meaningful for several people. Therefore, it becomes very important to choose the perfect ring in order to start a magical life-long journey most wonderfully with the love of one’s life.

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