5 Benefits of Employee Time Tracking You Cannot Afford To Miss

Benefits of Employee Time Tracking You Cannot Afford To Miss

Did you know daily time tracking can improve productivity and accuracy by 80% and 66%, respectively? Time logging can drive in more employee engagement and discipline in your workplace. 

Your team members spend their workday checking social media, browsing news sites, and discussing work with office mates. This leads to a loss in productivity and your business losing thousands of dollars monthly due to time fraud. 

Here is where time tracking software or timesheets comes in. Not only can it help you manage work better, but it can also be used with online payment software to calculate accurate payroll. 

This blog will explore how time tracking can help employees improve their productivity. Before we move ahead, let’s understand what time tracking is. 

What Is Time Tracking? 

Time tracking refers to the process of how a business logs the working hours of its employees. This is done to measure the time spent on projects and tasks and ensure that employees are compensated accordingly. 

It also helps you identify the tasks that take the most time. In this way, you can take the necessary steps to reduce the time spent on such tasks or automate them. 

Still, wondering how to manage your payment cycle? All you need is a free timesheet and invoicing software, and you are good to go. Now that you have a fair idea of how time tracking solutions work let us understand how they can help boost employee productivity. 

1. Increased Accountability 

While micromanagement is not a solution, employees might be tempted to take longer breaks, leading to a loss of working hours. To avoid such instances, you can record hours with time tracking tools and make your employees accountable for the time they spend.  

Thus, your employees will be more mindful of the duration of their breaks and other non-work-related activities. This, in turn, will help them be aware of their remaining work hours and complete their tasks for the day. 

As your team members stay focused on doing actual work, their productivity increases over time, and so does their output. Thus, making way for a peaceful and professional work environment. 

2. Identify Improvement Areas 

Most time tracking software requires their users to add the tasks. It can be anything like creating progress reports, doing market research, or designing an email newsletter. 

Since the task and the amount of time spent to complete it is tracked, you can analyze how many hours it takes to finish it successfully. Assignments that take longer than expected indicate the need for improvement. 

As a manager, you can work with employees to come up with corrective actions and fill the gaps effectively. You can also connect them with in-house or external experts and provide them with knowledge resources to reduce time spent on tasks. 

3. Prevent Burnout

With time tracking software, you can easily monitor how effectively your employees are using their work hours. Moreover, you can quickly analyze if there are uneven task distributions that can build pressure among your staff. 

Time tracking solutions can also let you find out if your staff has been working overtime. If yes, it can lead to stress, fatigue, lack of sleep, and a significant loss in productivity. Moreover, you can also check if an employee has not taken a break for long and suggest ways to recharge and get back to work. 

You can see the number of hours logged weekly to determine each employee’s working capacity and ensure that they can handle the tasks assigned to them. This will help you find patterns and analyze if your employees are overworked. Thus, helping you give proper feedback and even reduce their work hours if there is a need. 

4. Improve Communication

Time tracking software lets you set deadlines, organize projects and assign tasks to your team, all in the same place. 

This, in turn, can help you improve communication within teams and make sure less time is wasted on discussions. 

Subsequently, there is more time that can be dedicated to the project and improving its quality. 

5. Reduced Administrative Work

Time-tracking software gives you a clear picture of employees’ billable hours without having to ask every single employee or look into reports. These solutions can generate both detailed and summarized reports so that you can approve them in bulk. 

Time tracking tools also provide accurate information that can be used by your accounts team to settle payroll accounts, create invoices and use overtime calculators.

Using them, your admin team can automate salary calculations, including overtime pay, while complying with employee contacts and local regulations. Not only does this eliminate manual errors, but it also helps you shorten the payroll process altogether. 

Wrapping Up

From accurate payroll calculations to boosting employee accountability and improving productivity to streamlining communication, time tracking software does it all! 

Have you tried out a time tracking solution yet? Go ahead and invest in one to increase operational efficiency and employee engagement!