Enclosed transport – the best way to move a luxury vehicle



Luxury vehicles are a treasure to behold, both for the eyes and for the drive, however, when you need one to be transported a long distance, you understand why companies like USTrans.com provide enclosed transport. The service itself is quite accommodating for different sizes, meaning that even if you have a limo or a large-sized vehicle, it can be moved in an enclosed trailer.

What to expect when booking enclosed transport

One of the biggest things you should consider when choosing a company to transport your vehicle, is whether or not they have the right equipment. In order to understand if they have it or not, is to understand what is required to safely transport a luxury or exotic vehicle from one place to another.

Accommodation for lowered suspension

One of the things luxury sports cars are known for is how low they can ride and how good they look doing it. Their lowered suspension is 99% an engineering requirement and 1% aesthetics – the lower the car the lower the center of gravity and the easier it will handle at high speeds and corners.

Regardless of how useful and vital this is, it makes a luxury sports vehicle very difficult to drive on regular roads, over speed pumps, old town roads or on ramps with a significant inclination. This is why specialized enclosed transport companies like USTrans.com focus on lifting the vehicle from the ground or providing a self- lowering enclosed transport.

The idea is to remove the chance of undercarriage damage to the vehicle as well as any cosmetic nicks and scratches. If your company has this type of equipment, they might just be the right ones for you.

Protection from theft 

Luxury cars turn heads, that’s for sure. However, sometimes they might turn the wrong head, the one that wouldn’t mind having said car without paying for it. So whenever you book an enclosed transporter, you automatically remove the visual temptation from onlookers.

These types of trailers also have additional security measures to make it extra difficult for unauthorized personnel to tamper with your car. If we are talking about a high valued vehicle, then most likely you don’t want anything bad happening to it.

No road-chips or vandalism

Road chips occur from time to time and they do due to speed, road rocks hitting the body of the car or just because there’s dust on the road. Regardless of how it happens, it can generally adversely affect the looks of a luxury vehicle if it’s put on an open trailer, the same cannot be said for an enclosed one.

Protection from bad weather

Bad weather can also damage a vehicle, especially if it has an exotic, hard to find paint which you’d like to preserve. Sometimes, road conditions caused by bad weather, are the main culprit for the adverse effect on the aesthetic of a vehicle.

Hail, rain, snow, general grime accumulation and the occasional road chip, can really hurt the value of a vehicle, especially if you are selling it. This is why enclosed car shipping is so important and why it needs to be used when dealing with special cars.