Why should I get a landline service?  



Landline has been a necessity for years and a blessing for many households. In the past, when it was really hard to reach out to your loved ones, the landline worked as a pond of water in the desert. Until this date, there are millions of households in the United States alone, who are currently using the landline service.

It’s been in the news that the era of the landline service is dying because of the wireless services coming up with the latest features. It’s true to some extent that many people have switched to the wireless service and there is nothing wrong with it. It totally makes sense to get something that offers you flexibility and multiple features.

Around 59.9 percent of American households are fully wireless and even out of this, there is only 15 percent who had dumped their landline service. There must be a reason why so many people are holding to the landline services. The question is, what landline offers, and should you get one?

What is a landline?

Landline phone works as a telephone that transmits data by using a copper wire or a fiber optic telephone line rather than through a wireless connection. Your voice travels in small sound waves. Some tech professionals use the term landline as a dedicated line, which works as a permanent connection between two locations.

Many companies like Spectrum offer landline service but they are also evolving with time. They are using VoIP (Voice over internet protocol) technology to deliver the phone service to their customers. You can make voice calls using a broadband connection. That time has gone when you had to use a phone line to use a landline service.

In order to get the VoIP service, you need to have an internet connection. You get better calling features with the VoIP service. Click here to find out about the features you get with Spectrum VoIP service.

Benefits of getting a landline service

You must be wondering if getting a landline service is worth it or not. The following are the pros of having a landline phone service.

Use in Emergency

The primary reason why millions of people in America are having the landline service is that the landline is a great help in case of emergency. In the event of an electrical outage or power outage, if your mobile phone battery dies and or your cellphone service is interrupted then landline service will be the only source of communication.

In case of an emergency, you will have the enhanced 911 option handy. You can reach out to 911 and it will be easy for the emergency teams to track your location and personal information because all the data will pop up on their screen once you call them as there is a dedicated line installed at your location. It might be a good idea to retain a landline service if you have kids or elders in your house as it will be easy for them to use the landline in case of an emergency.

Voice quality

If you are conscious about the voice quality then you must go for a landline service as you will be getting the crystal clear voice quality. Landline is famous for delivering the best voice clarity to its customers. With the cellular connection, you can face issues regarding the voice quality because the signals are transmitted through the air and if there is bad weather the chances of disruption are more.

With the landline service, as the signals are transmitted through the cable line, the chances of disruption are less and that can only happen if the cable line is damaged. Those who have a business and they cannot compromise on the voice quality and network stability must go for the landline service. Poor voice quality will leave a bad impression of your company/business on the customer or client. Are you ready to take that risk?

Easy to find and use

It’s normal to misplace your cellphone, even if you are at your house. The cellphones are small and can be easily misplaced. Most people who use cellphone service put their mobile on silent so it’s hard to find the cellphone if it gets lost. Keeping a landline service helps you in staying connected even if you lose your cellphone.

Moreover, if you lose your cellphone, you can call on your number with the landline or if your cellphone battery dies, you will still have a way to communicate.

A landline phone is way easier to use than a cellphone. Many people find the cellphone interface complicated and if you have kids or elders at your house then you shouldn’t take any risk. It’s easy to teach your kids or elders to use a landline phone than a cellphone.


As mentioned earlier, most telecommunication companies who are offering landline service use VoIP technology, which means that in order to have the landline, you need an internet connection and who doesn’t use the internet these days? Every household has internet because everything we do is linked to the internet. From online transactions to communicating with your loved ones, the internet has everything to offer.

Those who already have an internet connection can reach out to their internet service providers and can ask for a bundle that includes both internet and landline service. You will be getting discounts with the bundle. Even if you get a standalone landline service, that will be more economical than the cellular connection. You will be getting unlimited nationwide calling with the landline at a fixed price, and if you want to get some international minutes, you can get that too by paying extra.

Summing it up

You need to figure out your usage and see what suits you the best. Also, there is no comparison of landline and cellular connection. Both have their own pros and cons. Keeping a landline service won’t cause you any harm. There are many times when you will need it. If you think that, you are okay without having a landline service then don’t get it. It’s your call, but if you are looking for honest advice and recommendation, we would definitely recommend you to get a home phone.