All the Common Questions Answered about Period Underwear

All the Common Questions Answered about Period Underwear

All the Common Questions Answered about Period Underwear

Period maintenance and experience has been rapidly evolving the past few years, with the focus now being comfort and ease of the woman undergoing it. From disposable menstrual pads and tampons to reusable cups, most menstrual care products are designed for grown women and not to fit the lifestyle of tween girls.

Australia has over 2 million girls in their tweens. And most of those girls get their period between 10 and 15 years of age. As they attend school, play sports, swim, dance, go out with their friends, field trips or stay home, their initial experience of undergoing periods must be comfortable. Period underwear for tweens is a one-and-done solution to maintaining menstrual flow with no hassle.

Period Underwear Explained

The manufacturers of menstrual products and the women and girls who are using them aim to find a non-invasive, leak-proof protection solution that is economically smart and sustainable. Period undergarments are intended for girls and women to wear during their period in place of disposable products like pads or tampons.

They look very similar to regular underwear; they are not bulky and are as comfortable to wear as any other. The only difference is that period underwear is made from special fabric and extra layers in the crotch area to absorb the blood flowing out.

How Does Period Underwear Work?

Period panties consist of layers of absorbent material that hold blood flow worth one or two tampons. They have a moisture barrier to ensure ease and an additional layer to prevent staining or leaking. The great thing about period underwear for tweens is that they do not have to experience the discomfort of having a bulky pad in their underwear or a tampon.

Similar to the other menstrual products, period underwear also comes in different forms and capacities. So, for first-time users who want to make a switch and entrust the flow, it might be helpful to wear them on the days when the flow is lighter or use them as a backup before graduating to full-time use.

Why Are Period Panties a Better Option for Tweens?

Tweens are sporty, adventurous and explorative, whether it is at school, home or outside. Periods can be a conscious experience for them during such times. Wearing period underwear will help them be comfortable around their peers and in other social situations as they can be carefree and indulge in normal activities.

Besides comfort, they are leak-proof, less messy, less irritable, which are added benefits for girls who enjoy sports, swimming, dancing and other physical activities. As period panties are ecologically sustainable and economical, they are great resources for parents to help their girls understand the importance of waste reduction, sustainability and reusability.

Finding the Right Period Underwear

The great thing about the innovation of period underwear is that one does not have to worry about looking like they are wearing diapers. While looking for the perfect period underwear for tweens, finding the right size and non-allergic, comfortable fabric is key. Most well-known brands provide period underwear of different sizes and capacities to suit the needs of heavy and light flows. They also sell them in different colours and styles to suit the needs of the occasion. For example, swimmers would benefit immensely from underwear shorts.

How to Care for Them?

One must follow the company instructions while using and maintaining their period underwear. Usually, these products can be reused over 200 times. It is important to soak them in cold water after every use and rinse them or wash them on a gentle cycle in a washing machine. Hang dry them and use vinegar/water mixture to remove any residual scent.

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