Why it is important to write correctly?

Why it is important to write correctly?

Why it is important to write correctly?

There were times, 1-2 centuries ago, when people were illiterate. They faced completely different tasks, having nothing to do with literacy. All the illiterate people went to them to write down the surname instead of the plus sign, draw up a document, read the letter. Over time, there were more and more literate people, and those who could only read were considered semi-literate. Today there is a possibility to write in Google essay checker and have an ideal article or essay. Som, you can write a lot and check online instead of asking teachers.

Of course, even today it will be difficult to find a person who cannot read and write. But you can assess the degree of literacy of a person, on how well he owns the skills of reading and writing in his native language. In fact, knowledge of exceptions to the rules can be considered literacy. And the sooner we begin to study the rules in order to find out about all the exceptions, the more correctly we will write later.

Today, in the 21st century, being literate means being an educated person. It is now believed that literacy is the foundation on which all personal development is built.

Why do you need to be able to write correctly?

Everyone can answer this question differently.

Reason number 1

I believe that it is necessary to be able to write correctly in order to understand each other correctly, and not in two ways. Rules and laws exist for people to live and create in accordance with them.

Reason number 2

In order to respect and preserve the laws, traditions and culture of the Russian language and its people.

Reason  number 3

Literacy is a powerful tool, and on the other hand, a powerful tool with which to control. Do you want to have such a tool in your arsenal? Become literate.

Reason number 4

As the seventh-graders wrote in their essay on the topic “Why do you need to be able to write correctly” – in order to be hired for a good job. It is gratifying that the children already understand a lot.

Reason number 5

There is a good opinion that the first impression about a person is formed by what kind of shoes he is wearing. Clean, well-groomed, or dirty and unwashed – feel the difference for yourself. What kind of shoes will you enjoy wearing more? The same is true with literacy. As soon as you see that a person writes incorrectly (I don’t mean OSSAYS, I mean regularities), the attitude towards him immediately changes. From plus to minus.

Of course, you need to do your education. For some, this can be a daunting task, I admit it. But even slow movement is always better than any stagnation. And if you train and work on yourself, then the result will definitely appear. (Question for filling: is the word “will appear” in this case correctly spelled? The soft sign in verbs is an eternal Russian problem).

How to learn to write correctly?

You already know all this. So, what should be done in my opinion: Read a lot. Read a lot. Read a lot. First, you will read, then perceive, then memorize words, phrases and sentences, which you will then reproduce on paper at a subconscious level.

Read aloud. The mechanism is about the same. Pauses, direct speech, turns, intonation – all this contributes to the memorization of what you read.

To outline. A great skill that takes a long time to acquire. The main thing is to learn how to take notes without mistakes, often referring to the original.

Rewrite. Many copywriters advise, no, even strongly recommend and force their students to rewrite texts. In order to learn how to write sales letters, you need to take the texts of famous masters of their craft and rewrite them thousands of times. Incidentally, this is very correct advice. This skill will polish your knowledge of the rules for writing words and sentences, and teach you how to write correctly.