What To Choose for Your Business- A Digital Marketing Agency or A Freelancer?

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing

Whether you are starting a new digital marketing campaign for your business or wanting to get more results from your existing campaign, getting started is not easy. In fact, you need the right partner for your work, and that is probably the most important and most challenging part of the entire process. In this era, Google is changing its algorithm every day. And for a business owner, it is challenging to keep track of the changes and incorporate those in the digital campaigns. That’s why businesses are choosing to outsource digital marketing to professionals.

Today, when more than 90% of the world is leveraging digital marketing, new service providers are coming into existence every day. Every company right now has different options while hiring digital marketing professionals to run their digital campaigns. On the one hand, where digital marketing agencies are working continuously to provide better outcomes to their clients, freelance digital marketers are also promoting optimum growth.

In this article, we will be covering which is a better option for you- a digital marketing agency or a freelancer.

Working with a Digital Marketing Agency Vs. A Freelance Digital Marketer

A digital marketing agency consists of a group of people who devotedly caters to different digital marketing services to the company’s clients. Furthermore, a digital marketing agency might have specialists for every segment of digital marketing under one roof. On the other hand, a freelancer is an individual or a self-employed person offering services to many clients at one time.

As a business owner at any phase of your business, you must take care of your digital marketing well. After all, your digital marketing can set the right tone and voice for your brand. But if you are wondering whether you should look for a freelancer or a digital marketing agency, know that this is a common dilemma and deserves some attention.

Why Make a Choice Between a Freelancer and A Digital Marketing Agency?

In the modern world, the options for everything are endless. If you type on Google search, while looking for digital marketing agencies or freelancers, you will get millions of results, and it’s definitely hard for you to filter all of them. But now, when you are choosing between a freelancer and a digital marketing agency, you must know a few things.

A freelancer will independently offer you marketing consultation services on their own. Recent studies show that freelancing is on the rise, and almost 35 to 40% of Americans work as freelancers. By 2027 the number of freelancers is expected to grow up to 50% of the total US workforce.

And digital marketing agency is a team of marketing professionals and is managed by a classical hierarchical system. The team members are not allowed to pick their projects and definitely get a set of anticipated targets placed on them by the agency.

Evidently, hiring a freelancer and a digital marketing agency are two different things. But as your business might not have the exact same needs as your competitors, it is hard to get a clear-cut decision about whom to hire- a freelancer or a digital marketing agency. Thus, we decided to let you know the pros and cons of hiring both of them.

Pros And Cons Of Digital Agency Vs. A Freelancer


When you hire a freelancer. You usually get a well-rounded professional. Most freelancers start their career working in a few companies before they decide to become a freelancer. This gives them a broader perspective on marketing. While picking a freelancer, you must find someone who can provide you with your exact needs. But it’s hard to find a freelancer with a broad range of focused skills when it comes to digital marketing.

If you want to expand your business market globally, then opting for digital marketing services will be of great use for your business.

When you hire A digital marketing agency like Eloquent agency, you get a group of experienced marketers with a vast range of skills. You don’t need to repeat your vision as they are always on the same page regarding what works best for your business.


A freelancer generally has fewer projects; thus, they might be equipped with fewer resources than a full-fledged digital marketing agency. On the other hand, a digital marketing agency has enough resources in place to finish up your project quickly.


If you don’t get everything from one freelancer, you might need to hire different freelancers for different segments of digital marketing. The payment schedule while working with the freelancer might be a little tighter than working with an agency. Also, there is another way to ensure you hire the right freelancer such as partnering with an Employer of Record company. They can help you recruiting faster while managing payroll even without an Entity.

While working with a digital marketing agency, you can get a comfortable payment schedule and a budget-friendly package.

At the end of the day, you need to decide whether you want to use a freelancer or a digital marketing agency. But remember, in both incidences, you must expect to have high-quality results. Though your journey getting to the decision would be smooth with some bumps, trust me, it’s worthwhile to make such a massive decision.