How to Increase Traffic to Your Shopify Store  



Today the ecommerce business is one of the most successful ones with great revenue. This is so, mainly because of the new ideas that the millennials have. Today everyone has a great idea but they need a strong and potential platform that gives them that boost to grow the business. While one might wonder how to launch a store online and the challenges that come along with it, the trendsetting Shopify store allows the new age creative heads to accelerate the sales. While business growth is the main criteria the stress is all about How to Increase Traffic to Your Shopify Store?

But don’t worry let us find out the ways to boost the sales and increase traffic to the online store.

With the impact of digitization successful businesses and big brands have made their way to increase consistent and constant traffic to their website. The core points to be considered to have a healthy flow of visitors to the website are-

  • A fast and unique website with dynamic features
  • Excellent attributable product with superior quality

So, let us see How to Increase Traffic to Your Shopify Store?

1. Paid ads

Paid ads are an ideal approach to give that kickstart to the company. It helps in creating higher visibility. When the company opts for a paid ad campaign they are promoted on the search engine result page. Therefore the viewers can find the company easily listed in the search engine. The higher the visibility the more visitors you have to your website. The first on the list is social media which cannot be omitted, the benefits of paid ads on social media are unlimited. Also, it maximizes the visibility by crawling as per the selection like demographics, interests, audience, etc. Google ads, Facebook ads, and Instagram ads are prominent social media channels to increase traffic.

2. Attract with contests

Contests on social media are a great way to increase traffic to the website. What you can do is post a contest like send best photographs, market the site with giveaways like offer a joining discount, best dressed contest, etc. this will build traffic and also give you an organic customer base.

3. Diversify your marketing campaign

Branch out in various forms that use social media. Other than the paid ads, social media is again an excellent way to join hands with brands and influential people. For example, you can collaborate with a big brand for footwear if you have a clothing store or team up with an interior design studio if you have a painting business, etc. This is a great way to tap into the customer base of the big brands and create your identity. Next, you can look for influencers’ collaboration like partnering with a Youtuber and getting them involved in your company for promotions will gather the thousands or millions of subscribers and followers they have across the globe. This way your potential to market your business and increase the traffic to your store will amplify. Another extremely fast way is by using keywords and affiliate marketing; these crucial factors boost traffic to the website.

Wrapping up, there are several ways to build higher traffic to the website. Since we have had the boon of social media it is possible to create a superior brand with the convenience of online marketing.

Apart from the above-mentioned points, Shopify also comes with a great selection of apps to help you with the sales including Oberlo, Tada, and Optin Monster etc. TADA is a wonderful app that let your visitors play a fun, engaging game to win a discount in exchange for their email address with their “spin to win app” feature.