Is Signal the best option?    



Technology is so much rooted in our lives that many of our interactions happen or depend on the virtual plane: we receive classes, spend time with friends, hold work meetings, organize our daily tasks, meet new people and much more. Basically, we have adapted technology to our lives to such an extent that, to conceive a life without its benefits, seems like a nightmare.

One of the greatest advantages that technology has given us, is the possibility of communicating instantly regardless of geographical location, time zone or even budget. All that a person needs to achieve this is to have the appropriate data connection. Gone are the days when people had to wait in line to use public telephones. Currently, it is more than enough to have a smartphone to communicate where and when we want without any difficulties.

Regardless of the operating system used, anyone can find their ideal instant messaging application since there exists a wide variety of choices, each of which has its own forte and ideal uses.

Sometimes, when there is such a high number of alternatives at hand, it is a bit difficult to choose the option that best suits our needs. A positive aspect of this is that different messaging applications can be used at the same time to meet the different requirements that someone may have. In this article, we will talk about Signal, a platform that has become popular among users for several good reasons.

Meet Signal

Signal is an instant messaging app that prioritizes privacy. It is an independent non-profit organization, which means that it is not associated with any big tech company and that it cannot be acquired by anyone. That is why the development of this platform is supported through subsidies and donations made by people whose objective is to use and support services that transparently guarantee the privacy of their users.

This messaging app is a free and open-source software. This means that their software is not under restrictive copyright licenses, so anyone can use, study, copy, and even change the software in any way they consider appropriate. In turn, the source code is openly shared, which persuades people to voluntarily upgrade the design of the software.

One of the requirements to use Signal is that its users must provide a phone number for verification purposes. Many people use temporary Non VoIP numbers to meet this requirement because it adds an extra layer of privacy since the user’s personal phone number is not visible and also the platform accepts them without inconvenience. It is ideal and recommendable to use a Non VoIP provider, like to start using Signal quickly and without complications.

What makes Signal stand out?

In general, this platform shares many basic features with other messaging applications: it allows text chat for one-on-one or group conversations in which users can send videos, messages, documents, audios, stickers, GIFs and even locations as well as make voice and video calls without extra charges since all these interactions are performed through data or internet connection. Similarly, users can use a mobile application or a desktop program. If so, what makes Signal different?

The curious thing about this platform is that even though it has a good set of features that make it an excellent choice, there is one of them that stands out above the rest due to its relevance in response to the current needs. The reason why Signal is gaining more popularity every day is because of the way they handle the privacy aspects.

Hearing about sites or platforms that have privacy issues and sell their users’ information to third parties is more common than ever. Given this, the concerns of users and experts increase every day due to the danger and violation of privacy and security that this practice represents.

This app uses the Signal Protocol, which is a system that provides end-to-end encryption for all interactions that take place within the platform, which means that the only devices that are allowed to know what is being talked about are the ones that are included in the interaction, making it impossible for a third party, including the provider, to access the information that is being shared and therefore disclose it or profit from it.

Without a doubt, this is one of the main reasons why Signal stands out from other apps since the others that exist do not guarantee the level of cybersecurity that this platform offers. However, encryption is not the only safety benefit it provides, other features help to increase the layers of security: users can block the option of taking screenshots, it offers biometric security options and even the possibility to choose local storage as a security measure. For many, all the efforts that Signal has developed to make it an extremely secure option are the reasons behind its growing popularity. For Signal, guaranteeing privacy is not an option, it is a moral obligation.

Consider making the switch to Signal

We live in times where security and privacy should be top priorities for any internet user. Despite the current needs, many services fail to guarantee and prioritize these aspects without even meeting the basic requirements to make it minimally safe for individuals to use the service.

When a service exists and cares about the safety of its members, it is in everybody’s best interest to make the switch. This application has all the potential to become the most used and important instant messaging service as a response to the need for confidentiality in a moment where privacy problems are getting increasingly common and frequent.

Although the most appealing characteristic of Signal is undoubtedly the level of security it offers, that is not the only option why people should consider using this service as their platform of choice. Its user-friendly interface and various interactive features are also relevant in highlighting the strengths of this application. Without a doubt, Signal has what it’s necessary to become the golden messaging service of the near future.