How Colors Are One Of The Most Important Tools You Can Use In Advertising?

Creating captivating advertisements is the indigenous work of our super creative right brain. Engaging content does play a pivotal role in the success of a trend. But it is also the creator’s knowledge of color physiology that determines its growth. The relevant usage of various color schemes can not only attract the customer but also affect their decision making powers. Sounds interesting, right? Then let’s read on to find out how.

First, let’s understand color 

Colors are of 3 divisions-

Primary – Red, blue, and yellow are the primary colors that form the base of this hierarchy.

Secondary – When two primary colors are mixed to form another color, the result becomes a secondary color. For example, blue and yellow will become green. Here green is a secondary color.

Tertiary – When we mix a primary color and secondary color, the result is a tertiary color. So, blue, when mixed with green, will be aquamarine, which is a tertiary color. The results here may vary according to the ratio of mixes. 

Here is what a few colors do to the human mind?

Haven’t all experienced the urge to buy something only because the color seems endearing? The latest research also brought stunning results when at least 85% of the customers admitted that color does influence their purchase, mostly the impulse buys. We must also understand that though colors have a special effect on our brains, they work hand in hand with other hues. No color can single-handedly own a billboard. However, video making platforms can help demonstrate the right color matches. A professional online ad maker will always use such an application to create awesome ads.

Let’s start by analyzing the primary colors –


It is a vibrant color. It is mostly associated with strength, power, passion, desire, and love. For example- ‘Coca Cola’ that is depicted as an energizing drink, has an advertisement with red color at prominence. In the same way, ‘McDonald’s’ is red because it invokes appetite. Red is also an erotic color, so you may find advertisements related to lipstick, nails, and sensual dresses in this color. Most of the CTA buttons on the internet, such as ‘buy now,’ ‘click here’ and even the ‘sale’ sign is painted red to attract people. 


We have all heard of how blue is a “boy’s color.” It is related to masculinity. Hence you can find a lot of it at stores dealing in men’s goods. It also depicts calmness, tranquillity, reliability, and dependability. Samsung is blue, and so are Boeing, The Weather Channel, Facebook, Intel, and PayPal. All these resonate with trust and calmness that is necessary when creating a marketing campaign. However, blue is seen last by an onlooker. So using a lot of it may lag you in the campaign.


Yellow signifies the fiery sun. It brings in lots of positivity and joy. It is also considered a color that instills confidence and focuses on an individual. That is why one never misses the color yellow even in the vast crowd of hues. Most advertisements that showcase any educational center are painted yellow because it oozes warmth and knowledge. It is for the same reason that you find most literary ads in yellow. The logo of ‘Post-it,’ a company that deals with stationary, has yellow as its background. Even the food joints prefer to use yellow as it evokes taste buds and builds an appetite. Subway and Denny’s are popular examples.

When we look at secondary colors that are green, orange, and purple, these also are highly popular in the advertisement industry.


Green is nature’s color. It is, in fact, a therapeutic color that has a positive effect on people suffering from low blood pressure and heart problems. Even the depression patients are referred to be one with nature. Companies dealing with mature things in life that are finances, health, environment, and luck include a lot of green in their billboards. Green is used in multiple shades, from dark and pastel color palettes. Lipton Tea highlights its green color to indicate the healing properties of tea, i.e., its key ingredient.


Orange is a warm tone. Similar to yellow, orange also exudes positivity. Most traits of orange are the same as that of red, but it is the playfulness and honesty of this color that brings it to the nickelodeon advertising campaign. Also, if you intend to market a fitness centre or a beauty salon, orange will help you gain more traffic. Using orange in multiple hues can help to extract the maximum benefits of this color. 


Purple is a rare color. It is equally sensual and mysterious. Luxury, magic, imagination, and spirituality are some of the key derivations of this color. High-end brands mostly use it. The expensive properties are depicted in shades of purple. However, it is the Cadbury case that first comes to our minds when we think about a purple-colored advertisement. Brands like Roku, selling smart TV’s and Monster, an employment portal use the color extensively. Its rarity attracts a lot of attention.


The color you select for your advertisement plays a crucial role in how it is perceived by the viewers. So, when it comes to advertisements, choose them carefully!