Best cordless chainsaw

cordless chainsaw

cordless chainsaw

Thanks to the ever better battery technologies, cordless chainsaws are becoming increasingly popular. With a cordless chainsaw, you no longer have to line up cables to cables, avoid trip hazards and then untangle the big cable clutter. The devices are considered good alternatives to electric chainsaws and offer you the freedom you need at work. A chainsaw with a battery is a practical helper in the garden and around the house. You can use it to prune your trees, prepare firewood, and do many other practical things.

Chainsaws can also be operated electrically or with a petrol engine. Here, however, you either fight with the cable mentioned above or with annoying exhaust gases that get into your nose during operation. In contrast, a battery-operated saw is freer and cleaner to use. You can find out about the advantages of a chainsaw with a rechargeable battery, what to look out for when buying it, and a lot more about these devices in our practical guide.

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A best cordless chainsaw is versatile and is particularly suitable for simple garden work. Most models mostly vary in performance and sword length. If you want to find the right cordless chainsaw for your requirements, it is advisable to consider the following criteria:

Safety: Automatic chain brake or tip protection

A chain brake should reduce the risk of kickback and thus prevent serious injuries. Most chainsaws have a chain brake bracket or hand protection, which should act as the central switch of the chain brake. Chain saws with a speed of less than 3 m / s are often not used. In these cases, tip protection is often used.

Power: 18, 46, or 40 V?

Basically, cordless chainsaws can be divided into the 18 V and 36 V power classes, and occasionally models with up to 40 V are also available. You can use 18 V saws due to the lower motor power for simple garden work such as shrub cutting. With a 36 V model, it is usually even possible to cut thick branches, cut down trees, or process firewood.

Battery: Lithium-ion models are standard

The high-quality lithium-ion batteries have become standard equipment for cordless saws for several years. The capacity of the batteries is usually 2 to 4 Ah (ampere-hours). More battery capacity can mean that longer working hours are usually offered.

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Sword length: From 25 to 35 cm

The planned application is relevant for the choice of the sword length. A sword length of 25 cm is usually sufficient for regular bush cutting or simple woodwork. If you want to cut trees with the cordless chainsaw, you should choose a powerful model, for example, a saw with a 35 cm long sword. Make sure that the actual cutting thickness is usually slightly less than the sword length – for example, you can easily saw pieces of wood with a diameter of up to 30 cm with 35 cm models from some manufacturers.

This is the best cordless chainsaw with a sword length of up to 25 cm.