HTML5 VS CMS Based Website | Which is the Best Option?

A friendly debate can’t hurt anyone right?

Let’s help you build something awesome today. Let’s help you build an interesting website solution for your online business. But, when you are building a website, do you wonder what is the best way to build it?

There are two possible ways in which you can build your website.

  1. Using Custom Website Building Option (HTML5)
  2. Using a CMS Website Option (such as WordPress)

My debate for today is going to revolve around which is the best website building option!

To be precise, there are pros and cons to both of these website building methods. And just by claiming that one supersedes the other is undermining both as they are special in their own ways.

The Advantage of Having Custom HTML5 Coded Website

HTML5 Based Website

The first and foremost advantage of having an HTML5 coded website is that the user has full control of the website aesthetics and features. It may look like a mess at the back-end, but it has its own perks.

Just assume that you are building a restaurant based website and you want to place your website logo on the right side of the screen instead of the left. And, while you are at there, you want to position it in between two dynamic elements! With a CMS, that’s unachievable.

However, when you are working on HTML5, your coding specialist can make that happen.

Secondly, I believe HTML5 coded websites are highly secure compared to CMS based websites. Why? Because most CMS based websites are using third-party integrations which can compromise the security.

For example, a friend of mine running an online shoe store wanted to add a separate feature to his WooCommerce store where he could fill in the details about his shoes and the website can automatically pull up his desired preference from its database. After hours of research, we were unable to find the right solution leveraging the right features to meet his desired preferences. Finally, we opted-in for an alternative solution and loaded remote files at the backend. Although, the website now had the feature my friend desired, apparently, he didn’t realize that he just got vulnerable to File Inclusion Exploit.

Sadly, his website was visited by an unexpected customer who happened to be a professional hacker.

Custom built HTML5 coded website designs are not only flexible but they content-driven also reliable. You can have full control on every minor detail which gives you the liberty to exactly design a website on how it is visioned.

The Advantage of Having a CMS Based Website

CMS based Website - wordpress

CMS based Website – wordpress

Now, if you are planning to build a large enterprise level website or a content driven website, then HTML5 does not sound like a great option. The option of HTML5 sounds very interesting if you are creating a website with 5,10,15 or 20 pages. But, if you are designing and developing a solution which exceeds that page limit, then it can become cumbersome to manage them using an SQL database.

Instead, what you need is a powerful CMS platform to manage it all.

A powerful CMS not only allows you to organize and design separate website pages for your online business, but it also helps you constantly update from the platform without putting much effort. This, however, is not a luxury for individuals opting-in for an HTML5 coded website solution.

A friend of mine wanted to launch her own vlogging website where she could upload videos. She was running a really successful pottery business and wanted to educate her audience on the benefits of pottery. She wanted her website to have a more content-driven approach.

Using WordPress to launch her vlogging website was the most practical thing she did.

She said that now website management became as easy as just clicking a few buttons. She didn’t have to worry about the coding structure and neither had to even learn a single line of code to operate her site. Although she was biased to having complete liberty to customize her website, she was very much content with the present options she had. She was able to add a number of plugins to the backend and use them to add more flexibility to her site. She also purchased a theme from Envato to go with her site.

So unlike modifying a number of HTML5 & CSS codes, creating a page using a CMS requires only a click of an “Add New Page” button.

Which Website Building Approach is the Best?

It all depends on how you are planning to use your website and what your priorities are. How do you wish to use your individual skills and what is your preference? If you are planning to create a website which is less technical and allows you to be more creative and it is going to be something with a lot of pages, then my recommendation is that you go with a CMS based solution instead of an HTML5 based solution.

A good CMS web design agency can help you create the most perfect CMS based website in no time.

However, if you want to get into the finer details of website building and your website represents a service or a product with a portal, then HTML5 is one of the best options. It can help you build some really aesthetically pleasing website for your business. Nowadays, many businesses utilize both approaches. They create the entire code of their website on HTML5 and integrate the blog with a CMS based solution.

This way they are able to kill two birds with a single stone.

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