The Perfect LinkedIn Profile

Perfect LinkedIn Profile

Perfect LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is the most widely used social media platform worldwide when it comes to career planning. Regardless of whether this is the first step in your professional career or a managerial position, a professional LinkedIn profile has a lot of meaning about the applicant.

With around 500 million users worldwide and a steadily growing number of participants, you will encounter great competition. There is a risk of being overlooked. It is therefore important to update your own profile and optimize your virtual resume for the job market. We’ll explain how to create the perfect LinkedIn profile in just six steps.

A good profile photo

That dogs and cats have not lost anything on a resume should be self-explanatory. Also, save vacation photos for Facebook or Instagram. If you don’t have a suitable profile photo of yourself, it’s best to go to a professional photographer. Don’t look too serious, and engaging smile is likable and confident. Whether color or black/white doesn’t matter.

Profile slogan should be Versatile and exciting

LinkedIn fills in the profile slogan with your current position and your employer. This already shows us how important this field is not only for your contacts but also for recruiters and companies. To stand out during your job search, use this field for what it is – a slogan such as “Marketing Manager | Content strategy | SEO | Social media”.

Concentrate fully on your career goals, because with the LinkedIn description you explain your slogan in more detail.

Write your LinkedIn description

This is where your personality and passion come into their own. After the photo and slogan, the description is the first thing that searching companies or recruiters see and read from you. Choose three keywords – preferably from your profile slogan – and build the text around these building blocks. Similar to Google, LinkedIn uses SEO keywords to connect professional contacts. Describe your career goals and how you want to achieve them. Be sure to stay in a positive tone for a successful online reputation. You can also use LINKEDIN PROFILE WRITING SERVICE for completing your profile elegantly.

Highlight your knowledge of LinkedIn

For an SEO manager, “SEO” is not special knowledge, but a minimum requirement. However, if a web designer or marketer has SEO knowledge, this is interesting for the company. In addition to classic knowledge such as foreign languages ​​and Microsoft Office, you can specify anything. Your professional knowledge is as important as your professional career. With smart technology, LinkedIn gives you popular knowledge suggestions as soon as you start typing. So you use the most searched term.

LinkedIn recommendations, give and take

How? In a recommendation you have written for people you have worked with, a recruiter or company sees your relationship with the former or current job. Your relationship with employees and superiors is gaining in importance, which can be best read out in this section. This shows how a good LinkedIn profile can make you reach the recruiters directly.