MilesWeb Cloud Hosting – Is It Best For Your Site?

MilesWeb is a web hosting company operating in the industry since 2012. Within this time, the company has come a long way and is serving over 10, 000 happy customers. They have always been recommended for their cheap cloud hosting and WordPress hosting solutions. Before buying a service from them, we spend a few hours researching the best cloud hosting providers and found out that MilesWeb is the most recommended option. So, let’s see MilesWeb at a glance first.

It is always rated high from all the genuine host review sites. MilesWeb is a trusted cloud partner of AWS managed hosting and DigitalOcean. As these companies, do not provide free support and have to deal with a wide range of products, they have nominated MilesWeb as their valuable partner.

MilesWeb allows to choose any one option: either buy a cloud hosting from the merchant company and give management to MilesWeb. Or, you can directly buy hosting from them as well and they will look for management also. They manage your cloud infrastructure so that you can focus on your primary business.  With cloud hosting, you get a choice to select an operating system from Linux and Windows.

A managed cloud hosting is not cakewalk, you need to have technical staff who knows every in and out about it. So, if you don’t want to hire an entire IT team for cloud management, then you can easily get the managed cloud hosting from MilesWeb.

Benefits of managed cloud hosting from MilesWeb are

1) Certified team

Team members certified from AWS are allocated to manage your AWS cloud. Also, the DigitalOcean cloud gets managed by the highly skilled technical team.

2) Server monitoring

Continuous monitoring of traffic spikes is done to ensure that your server runs at the topmost extent. The team also looks for possible infections and if found any then it is solved immediately.

3) Optimization and Growth

The cloud service is enhanced to provide high performance and security to your online business.

4) Reduce resource cost  

Hiring an in-house system admin and database management team can cost of high monetary value. So, you can leave the server monitoring work to the MilesWeb team as they have a skillful and experienced team for all tasks.

5) Increase in productivity

By handing over the tedious task of cloud management, to the trusted company, you can concentrate on your business and let it grow to make a profit from it. It helps you to dedicate your time to planning productive work to increase the revenue.

They take care of everything right from migrating a site to making it live on the internet and providing after-sales support.

While all the other cloud hosting providers, charge a large amount for the migration and support work, MilesWeb does it for free. Once, you buy hosting from them, you get topnotch facilities from them.

A fully managed cloud provides you the following benefits :

1) A technical expert team to manage your complete server.

2) The system admin, who is responsible for all the configuration and management work of the cloud server.

3) Technical assistance at the point of time.

4) Technical experts for server monitoring tasks.

Wrapping Up :

By now you might have got an idea why MilesWeb is considered as a trusted cloud partner. So we do think it is the best choice for your site too, as you get regular updates, complete management, cloud optimization, server maintenance, data protection, security and much more under one roof.