50 Most Important Ranking Factors

You all already know that Google uses their 100+ ranking factors in their algorithm. This list is created by the research as many well-known brands like Semrush and Moz. Also well-known author Brian Dean and Niel Patel.

1. Google Chrome Bookmarking

Google spiders collect Google Chrome users browsing data. The Pages that get bookmarked in Google Chrome, in future Google consider as a quality article.

2. Comments On Post

More comments on post get more boost, number of comments effect on your ranking because of people engaging.

3. Query Deserves Diversity:

Google gives more value and adds diversity to a SERP for ambiguous money keywords, such as Ted, WWF, and ruby.

4. Browsing History

Google collect users browsing history and appears more visited pages in the past in search results.

5. Featured Snippets

According to a Semrush study, Google selects Featured Snippets content-based, the combination of content length, page authority and HTTPs (Hyper Text Protocol Secure).

6. Post Description

Some peoples don’t know about how to manage post description. If your post is about one topic or you only target 1-5 keywords so post description is best, but if your post contains many keywords so you don’t write anything in the description, Google will autoselect right description from your article.

7. Page Speed (Including Mobile Page Speed)

Pagespeed also effects on ranking, these days google consider page speed as a ranking because it connects with the user experience.