Easy Way to Increase Time on Website

I’m gonna show you another plugin now called the open external. The main function of this plugin is to convert external links or another website linkable to open on another tab except for our website links such as contact form, homepage, category and posts links which open on the same tab in the browser.


Open External Plugin

Open External Plugin


If you look at the ranking factors for Google time on site, is very important and with this plugin does is it make sure that when somebody clicks on a link in an article that opens in another tab or another window that it doesn’t just open in the same tab so that people are no longer on that page anymore so if you search for open external, it will be the top left, one open external links in the new window.
This will make sure that people Whenever they click on the link, it opens in a new tab so that there’s still technically on your site. If you happen to send them to an external site and if the link that they click on it, just another page on your site now they have two pages open on your site.
Just wanna give you a short demo of what I meant by using the plugin open external to open link is either in a new tab or stay on the same website cuz. I don’t mean to use that for every single link so for example, here on seoMark.Co.uk and when I click on the link (support.google.com) it opens up a new tab right because it’s a different website now.
If I click on the contact link that keeps me on the same page right

it’s just the contact form.

It doesn’t open a new tab and this is good for because the amount of time that people spend on your site, in Google’s eyes is based on the time from when they left the first page on your site and went to a different page on your site.
So somebody opens up a page on your site and just stays on that one page who don’t know how long they spent on that page. They have to open up the second one, so opening links internal Can be smart if you’re not sending them to an external website so this is moz.com and if I click on penguin link
it opens it in the same thing
this is not great for because now I’m no longer on their website anymore and there’s less chance of them hitting the back button and going on to continue reading the article.┬áSo this is what I meant by the open external plugin and how you can use it selectively, depending on what type of link there gonna be opening just wanna sneak This in here, if you’re wondering why I’ve been saying the top 10 or the top 30 results

It’s because the number next to the bar in the grass is a correlation of the top. 30 results and then the averages next to the bubbles are the averages of the top 10 results
Now I’ve been talking about the time on site and for the top 10 results average time on site is a hundred and one seconds or about a minute and 40 seconds and internal links are gonna increase that because they give people a chance to click on something else on your page go to another post you’ve written increase.
Your time on site and then Increase your ranking in the search results it’s also good because it lowers your bounce rate. Now bounce rate in case you’re, not familiar is the percentage of people who only visit one page on your site.
So maybe they find you somewhere in the search results click through to your website, read an article or part of an article and then click the back button or maybe they just turn off the Internet completely and go for a drive cuz they’re so angry that you can give them the information that they wanted and then you just need to let off some steam sets bounce rate.
Bounce rate for the top 10 results was about 37 percent, so only 37 percent of people who visit a result in the top 10 of the first page of the Google search results end up clicking. The back button or going for a drive and these numbers are gonna be increasingly important in current year as well, because the time on site should increase as the word count goes up like I said it’s about a thousand words right now for the top 10 results probably gonna go up to about 16 hundred 17 hundred.
Maybe even two thousand and then the bounce rate is going to drop. As people become better at linking internally and providing more resources on their websites so pay attention to this.

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