10 Simple SEO Tips For Better Ranking

Introduction To SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO or Search Engine Optimization improves your site ranking in Google, Bing, Yahoo or other search engines. The basic purpose of SEO is to get a large number of visitors through different search engines.

Some people thinking that SEO is hard but in my case of study, SEO need some time after Proper optimization of website and article example (Title, Description, Right keyword, Uniqueness)
After reading this article you think about SEO, ya ya its pretty easy. Good Luck!

10 Easy Tips For SEO

SEO Tips For Ranking

  • 10 Simple SEO Tips For Better Ranking
  1. How To Write Correct Article?
  2. Unique And Useful Content
  3. Speed Up Your Website
  4. Mobile Friendly And Responsive User Experience
  5. Index Your Website Using Google, Bing webmaster tool
  6. Do Follow/No Follow Backlinks
  7. Social Signals
  8. Embed Youtube Video Related to Your Article
  9. Alt Picture Text
  10. Reduce Bounce Rate On Your Website

If you wanna read quickly so read only Highlight Words.

Some bloggers choose incorrect titles. example, some choose very big titles which affect the ranking and search results and some bloggers choose the small title like 10 to 15 word. Today we discuss what is the real and correct length of title and description.

1. How To Write Correct Article?   

The title must be 45 to 60 words
The description must be 150 words and no matter length if your description is user-friendly
Also, choose the right keyword for the title by using google keyword planner
Also, check monthly searches of your targeted keyword in Title. Monthly searches must be greater than 100 or 500
The title must be attractive which force the user to read

2.Unique And Useful Content

Unique content is the key of success in the world of SEO.write your own article and does not copy another article because google, bing, yahoo, and other search engines dislike the copyright (copy & paste) articles and images.

Your article is pretty good looking include collection of wards and design example, highlights important words, insert links in your article words, related to your other article. Also, insert big and authority website links related to your niche

If you visit any website and its articles out of date I think you will never visit this type of website again. Out of date websites gives a negative effect to the user experience. Update your article weekly or monthly and gives advance information for users.

The article must be complete from beginning to last if your article is not complete it will be given a negative effect to your user and may be user bore from this article.

3. Speed Up Your Website

Website loading speed also effects on SEO (Search Engine Optimization). In case study which websites complete loads within less than 1 second or 2 seconds (but recommended 1 second), these websites appear in top 10 search results, to speed up your website is also effected on SEO.

when a website needs a long time for loading it’s boring and also effect on user experience and ranking in search engine results.

How to Speed Up Your Website?
If you are running a website using WordPress script you will speed up your website using WordPress plugins include (wp optimize, etc).

If website load time is better user want to visit another page on your website which also effects on bounce rate.
Move your website on CDN Network for faster loading.

Make sure your hosting provider service is pretty good. Search on google(page speed check google) and check your website speed. If speed is lower than 50-60 its mean your website loading speed is poor. If speed is between 60 to 75 its mean website speed is normal. If speed is above 80 its mean your website speed is perfect for users and search engine spiders.

4. Mobile Friendly And Responsive User Experience   

Sometimes the user browses the website from different devices example(i-pad, phone, android devices, blackberry, laptop, palmtop, tablets) etc. If your website is not responsive and could not open properly on all devices it gives a bad impression to the user.

Now, these days a large number of visitors may be 65% to 75% comes from Mobile and tablets. If the website is not responsive and not properly open in all devices.

Google introduces a mobile-friendly test for the website, this tool not only gives a report about mobile-friendly test also gives tips to solve it. Google loves that website which is responsive and mobile friendly because google cares user experience and it is the only foremost principal of google.

How to make your website responsive?

Use mobile-friendly and responsive template because some templates open properly on the desktop and give a negative impression to the mobile and iPad device user.

Improve widget area setting and remove unnecessary widgets, sometimes widgets effect on page loading speed in mobile devices. Only use useful widgets which opens properly on all devices and gives the better experience to your user.
Mobile Friendly Test your website using google. Makes sure your website follow all rules and recommendations if it shows any error so solve it before.

5. Index Your Website Using Google, Bing webmaster tool 

In this way Google will be index all your past, present and future articles and the website appears in the search result and get visitors in the fastest way. Because Google takes a couple of days to index your website manually.

Register using google/bing webmaster tool and index your website, Google also provides an opportunity to index your articles one by one manually if you think your article is not properly indexed.

In previous days there is doesn’t have any rule about custom website index, Google has full authority for indexing the website. Google care its users and provide a platform which allows a website owner to index the website and articles.

6. Do Follow/No Follow Backlinks

Backlinks are the key to the success of an article. Backlinks provide a authority to your article, if you get backlinks from authority websites, so your article authority and website authority both increase.

In previous days there is only one type of backlink (Do Follow) backlink but some people don’t follow the google rules and regulations and make thousands of backlinks in a day and rank a website in google/bing search results, don’t try this because its harmful for your website.

Now these days there are two types of backlink
1. Do Follow Backlink
2. No Follow Backlink
After a long time, Google introduces a (No Follow) backlinks, its mean this website not follow the link in his website, as well as (Do Follow) backlinks mean this website follow the link in his website.

How To Make No Follow Backlinks?
1.Blog comment on related article or niche
How To Make Do Follow Backlinks?
1.Guest post
2.Paid listing
3.Post your article link on your other website
4.Search WordPress showcase & Submit a website
5.Get Backlink from feedback
6.post link on blogger, Weebly etc
7.PDF Backlinks

7. Social Signals

Social signals are the signals when your article share on the social websites, so these are social signals and they help search engine spiders to determine what and how important and relevant your website is.
Social signals are very important for the article health and also ranking of an article.

Social Signals Like:
Google Plus

8. Embed Youtube Video Related to Your Article

Embed youtube at the end of an article is also a ranking factor in Google search results because of search engines like the complete article A to Z.

By embedding a youtube video, an article may be complete in the eyes of search engine spiders. So we recommend you to use embed videos at the end of the article or anywhere in an article. 

9. Alt Picture Text

Alt text is the text of images in articles. Alt text is much important for ranking because search engine spiders read Alt text of the image because search engines confirm the picture with the help of Alt Text
In WordPress when you will upload an image, the Alt Text option will appear on the right side of the page. Put your keyword in Alt Text and information about picture or image.

10. Reduce Bounce Rate On Your Website

Now we are talking about what is bounce rate?
when a people visit your website through the search engine, direct URL or any referral link and read your article, after reading article user close your article and do not read any other article on your website its mean user has been bounce and this is the sign of the high bouncing rate. If the bounce rate is high you will be lose ranking in search results.
100% user come on your website and read an article!
80% peoples click on other articles this means your bounce rate is 20% because 20% user not read other articles on your website.
Low bounce rate gives a higher authority to your site and also improve ranking in search results
How To Reduce Bounce Rate?
Put links in the article words of your other article – Interlinks
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