11 Best WordPress Drag and Drop Page Builders Compared 2019

Hey there, if you are looking for the question whats is the best WordPress drag and drop builder so this is a right place for you.

On a weekend while you’re enjoying your coffee with a donut and working on your WordPress builder making arrangements for new designs or installing new plugins just announced yesterday or resizing your images according to your liking; some people consider the concept of WordPress “Stupid” or plain “Irrelevant.”

The Question is Why?

The aforementioned people are either genius coders/programmers or people who like to do things from scratch and in their unique way; there is no harm in both; but not everyone has the time and brains to understand the codes and be technical enough to understand the depths of programming and how to do all this and all that.

The era is robotic. We have tight schedules and do not have spare or even enough time to make simple things complicated.

WordPress is something which has eased the lives of people and give then two words and one action: “Drag ‘n Drop.” With this simple act; people are earning millions, and their websites are running better than those developed from scratch.

I’m not saying that those developers are wasting their time; no. But those who do not enough time and resources; WordPress is for them as well as for all.

But, what is WordPress? It is the simplest yet effective way to create your very own website or blog.

If we talk about today’s era; 33% of all the sites active and present on the internet are developing through WordPress. For our technical readers; it is an open-source management system; meaning you, me or the “Mr. James,” neighbor, age 75; can modify WordPress and use it as he sees fit.

What’s more; it is not just creating websites but is the most popular method of developing e-Commerce stores. What else do we need now? In no time; you have your hands on a unique site, your very own and integrated with e-commerce store platform ready for utilization.

Not going into any further details; I have compiled some of the best WordPress builders you can use and parallel their works and end-products.

These builders have their unique styles, themes, plugins, and updates. Every one of them is worthy, and the choice is user-dependent.

It has nothing to do with the coding or finding any lapse in the one or the other.

Here is the list of 10 Free best Drag and Drop WordPress Page Builders for you 

The 11 Best WordPress Page Builders are as follows:

Divi WordPress Builder

Divi Builder

Divi Builder


Developer License: $90

Lifetime Membership License: $250

With user-friendly interface; Divi WordPress page Builder is easy-to-use. Wrapped with 20+ templates for each category of website/blog formation.

Like any other WordPress builder; it is a Drag’ n Drop action living up to the quote: “What You See Is What You Get” editor.  Click on your page and outset the editing of your page with real-time illustrations in front of you.

Forty-six content components assemble into three subdivision types with additional customization of each element utilizing its advanced settings for further designing and modifications as a per-user desire.

Divi WordPress Builder is the best alternative for first-class rating Beaver Builder.  Dynamic builder with infinite designs potentially packed in this amazing Builder in affordable prices.


Elementor Builder

Elementor Builder


Standard: Free.

Elementor Professional: $50

Business License: $100

Unlimited License: $200

Compatible with numerous themes; it is responsive to out-of-box efficacy. It is another prevailing builder, where you can see live changes with the editor.

You can add the widgets effortlessly by simply dragging ‘n dropping on the screen. This builder comes with countless of widgets which contains frequently used elements on the website.

Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect 2019

Thrive Architect 2019


Single License: $70

5-License Pack: $ 100 (Limited Features)

5-License Pack: $150 (Unlimited Features)

Another dynamic drag ‘n drop is Thrive WordPress builder and visual editor; it grants its users to have cinch yet useful website tools, plugins and much more.

You will be competent to build proficient websites with minimal efforts from your end. It is a WordPress Builder which compromise of 200+ page templates to select from and several other widgets to employ in your website; giving it an orderly and appealing look.

SiteOrigin Page Builder

SiteOrigin 2019

SiteOrigin 2019

Price: Free

SiteOrigin also known as one of the popular WordPress website builders in the WordPress repository, with morethan one million active users.

Using SiteOrigin, building a responsive, column-based content is pretty cool. That’s why your content will adapt to every type of devices, regardless of the screen size.

SiteOrigin page builder works seamlessly with your WordPress website widgets, so you can add any type of favorite widgets to the wordpress websites you want build. The builder works correctly with many types of WordPress themes.

And the good part about SiteOrigin builder is that you can also find a ton of neat compatible WordPress themes built by the same company behind the SiteOrigin plugin.

The adaptability is one of the fundamental advantages of the builder. With the help of its advanced row builder, you can also pick exact number of rows for each column you include.

WPBakery Page Builder

WpBakery 2019

WpBakery 2019


Standard: $47

Plugin Intense Site Builder: $ 32

One of the best selling Drag ‘n Drop website builder is  WpBakery WordPress builder; which permits a user to style their content on the front-end; the live website; and the back-end.

The developer-friendly plugins facilitate the responsiveness for every smartphone device as well. This Builder is astounding with 40+ content units; including Social Media assists, media supports, charts, and graphs, etc.

What makes this builder boundless is the insertion of widgets into the content zone too which is not provided by any other. Additionally; each segment is modifiable as per your requirements.

GeneratePress with Sections


GeneratePress premium: $40

A simple builder solution for tyro bloggers, web-designers and developers providing them with the rapid and accessible visual builder.

With premium sections; the Drag ‘n Drop function is integrated with your interface in no time. Striking layout, simple themes for every category present on website/blog.

There isn’t a single website/blog which GeneratePress hasn’t thought off and hadn’t incorporated with its innovative and modern styles. All the edit processing through the WordPress Editor presenting the look and feel of the real website; which, in fact, is real.

Forge Builder

Forge 2019

Forge 2019

Price for single website license:

Additional Add-on: $25

Global Template System: $20

Layout Library: $30

Bundle: $60

Forge is a contrasting style of WordPress Builder. Adaptable front-end drag and drop builder you can obtain by downloading it from any wordpress.org website.

Combine with various features such as pricing tables and charts, login forms and much more; the import/export functions benefit you throughout your development in-order to merge with other websites.

Themify Builder

Themify Builder 2019

Themify Builder 2019


License: $40

Prominent WordPress Builder that equip its users with all of the WordPress themes in a single array. Impressive isn’t it.

What’s more; spontaneous and transparent builder with ready-to-use components that you can combine in your website effortlessly but you have to install the plugin initially.

These plugins have more than 40+ layouts for different categories depending on which one suits your site best. With a click; you can create a page in a few short minutes.

What Themify serve its users which others don’t, you can manage pages from Admin panel region and your live website simultaneously. The gain from this is; it supports the real-time activities taking place on your site collectively.

Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder 2019

Beaver Builder 2019


Standard License: $100

Profession License: $200

Beaver Builder is a “Drag ‘n Drop” WordPress builder who offer you a variability of 15+ page templates to fashion your website. It also provides sustenance for WooCommerce.

Furthermore; import/export tool is also accessible for transferring layouts to further sites. Additionally; plugins are embalmed as a complimentary gift from them in your WordPress theme.

In Beaver Builder, with more than 15+ responsive content components usable with their widgets and short-codes support too. It offers you the chance to put almost anything you wish to put on your website.


conductor 2019

conductor 2019


Standard License (1 year, For Personal Use): $100

Professional License with an additional add-on: $100

Lifetime Membership License: $400

An implausible WordPress plugin that works in affiliation with WordPress Builder than grants it user limitless customizations on front-end; make it as artistic as you can with Conductor.

With these robust mechanisms; one can alter page layouts and templates, introduce widgets in content, adapt themes into fashioning innovative site pages.

Along with this; there is the add-on, users can acquire which will give them surplus options in regards to sliders and tables, custom fields, etc.

MotoPress Page Builder

MotoPress Page Builder 2019

MotoPress Page Builder 2019


Standard: $30

Another name to add in this notable list of WordPress builders; MotoPress Page Builder.

The only thing which some do, and some don’t contemplate as a shortcoming is “paying for add-on’s,” but this is if you want to have wanted new genre and ingenious website/blog. Typical factors and parts integrating into the set.

What else would a user want that too, free of cost, when the theme is assimilating flawlessly with the theme of the user’s customization? If we talk about methodological fleetness of MotoPress; the editor is not as sophisticated as others mention in the list.

Furthermore; when you will use the plugin excessively, you might find a glitch here and there. But; we cannot hold this against MotoPress because what this is offering at less than half the price; others are taking dollars for giving you luxury.

Though it is not perfectly smooth; it is perfect to use; all you need is a bit of endurance.

For any and every software; beta versions releasing so multiple users can test them at a time for its fluidness and integrity as well as consistency.

Drag ‘n Drop brains know the significance of their products and the controls they have on the user’s lifestyle. Now; if you are looking for something in particular; you must have extensive research and know which plugin as well as Builder you must integrate with your project.

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