The History of Betta Fighting Fish

betta bish

Betta fish is also referred to as siamese fighting fish,” or “labyrinth fish..” Betta splendens are their scientific name. No matter what you call them, they’re sensitive and aggressive individuals who can go out of their hands when they are exposed to the pet trade. Fighting is an innate behavior in them.

The History of Betta Fighting Fish:

Betta fish took a start from Thailand almost 150 years ago. The Children used to collect and place these territorial fish together in rice paddies to observe them spar; for this reason, the name Siamese fighting fish was given. This became a ritual. The King of Siam heard of their popularity and put a tax on them. During  1840, a man bought these Fish to give to a Dr. Theodore, who was a Danish Physician to the King.

Betta fish became the subject for doctor Bred. Later he wrote a paper that called them pugnax Macropodus, considering them as distinct species. Remember their violent nature, Charles Tate named them betta splendens, which means beautiful warrior, because they are both a mixture of aggressiveness and beauty. The first import of betta fish was for Germany and France in the 1890s, and the first betta fish sale occurred in the United States. Mr. Frank Locke from San Francisco bought them in 1910.

The lifecycle of Betta Fish:

The betta fishes are regarded to distinguish their human buddies, as they will follow your finger across the aquarium, and could even study to perform tricks. The average lifecycle of the fish is 3-5 years, but in rare cases, they could have a life cycle of eight or nine years in captivity.

Interesting facts about Betta Fish:

Some of the interesting facts about betta fish are listed below. Let;s dive in and find out about them.

  • Betta fish prefer acidic water from pH 6.5-7.0 and avoid cold water because it suppresses their immune system and can become ill.
  • Betta fish have various tail shapes. Their most common shape is “veil tail.” The less common tail shapes are the “double tail,” half-moon,” “crown tail, and “short-finned fighting-style tail.”
  • Betta fish life span is 2 – 3 years; a few cases of betta fish reaching their teens are also there.
  • Bettas can significantly help with many health benefits, including lower blood pressure and stress. They are relatively very easy to care for, and indeed one of the cheapest pet options. Likewise, being in the reef aquarium, they do not take up much space as well as do not make much mess.

Compatibility with other Fish:

Betta fish, in contrast to different species, are not considered as training fish and will fight with every other, regardless of gender. The betta fish like to swim all alone and also want a comfortable environment to hide. Dense aquatic caves and planted corners work outstanding in making betta fish feel safe.

Betta Fish Nature:

Betta fish are extra-sensitive. They can sense their human guardians and swim excitedly when the guardian comes to them. They can detect new items added into their tank that helps them to stay enthusiastic mentally.