Best Shoes For Pigeon Toed Child

Kids re the best thing to happen to us, but when the kids are in pain, our world stops, right? When the kids take their first steps, our heart melts with all the love. However, some parents don’t like their kids walking because it hurts them. Well, that’s because their kid has a pigeon toe. But like everything else, the pigeon-toed toddlers have the solution as well.

We are talking about getting the best shoes for a pigeon toed child because they are beneficial in allowing painless movement. These shoes are actually designed and tested by the orthopedic surgeons as they know the intricacy of the issue. These shoes will make your kid’s life easier until they turn 13 because that’s when the pigeon toe issue will be relieved.

In this article, we are sharing the best shoes out there for the kids who are struggling with the pigeon toe issue. So, have a look at and choose the pair that suits you, so you can get your kid pain-free walking experience. Adding insoles specifically made for kids can help keep their feet and ankles grow healthy.

Asics Pre-Contend 4PS

This pair of shoes is an apt choice for every kid aged from four years old to eight years old. This pair is famous for the utter comfort that it provides to the kids, given the integration of durability and padding. These shoes are available in vibrant colors and designs. In addition, the wearing and taking off is easy because the hook and loop system has been added.

The midsole area has been designed with the rearfoot gel cushioning technology, promising smooth walking as it will absorb the shocks. Also, the removable sock liner has been added to the shoes to ensure the kids can inserts the orthotics socks if they need to. The duomax technology has been added to the shoes that optimizes the guidance.

In addition, there is synthetic lining available internally, promising the highest standards of comfort and durability. The exterior side is designed with the breathable mesh fabric to ensure quick evaporation of moisture and sweat, topped with the synthetic overlays. There is frontline stitching that’s responsible for aligning the correct and straight gait.

There are elastic laces in the pair that leads to easy wearing and taking off. There is an AHAR technology in the shoes to ensure there is optimal strength for the runner. However, the kids have been struggling with the lace quality.

New Balance KJ890

Over the years, New Balance has sharpened their name in the field of providing specialized best ballet shoes for toddlers for the people struggling with foot issues. This pair of shoes is designed to help athletic and sporty kids to deal with their pigeon toe. There is a seamless design with a colorful exterior to catch the eyes, and the performance is literally high-end.

There will be zero need for the orthopedic footbeds once you invest in this shoe pair. The footbed has been integrated with the ABZORN heel cushioning technology that’s responsible for improving the shock absorption capability of the shoes. There is a Revlite EVA midsole in the shoes that eliminates the pressure from ankles, feet, and knees of the wearer.

The exterior side of the shoe is designed with breathable mesh for higher moisture capturing, and the logo on the top will make the shoes look highly appealing. Also, the collar has been designed with extra padding for a soft feeling, promising apt ankle support. There are flat laces in the shoes that reduce the discomfort associated with such shoes.

Coming down to the sole, it has been designed with a durable rubber for better traction. This means that the shoes aren’t only flexible but firm at the same. This feature will pose a positive impact on transition and impact. On the other hand, this pair can cost some more bucks, so be vigilant about that!

New Balance Kids’ 790v6

New Balance is the name for uncompromised performance and quality when it comes to designing shoes for a practical reason. This pair of shoes is designed with excellent quality and comfort levels, promising that there is no compromise on support. The footbed of this pair is designed with molded EVA for a better feel.

The inner soles are inculcated with EVA that strengthens the shoe construction by multiple folds. Also, there is an arch support system in the shoes, topped with the ABZORB technology that reduces the impact of shocks while improving the cushioning. The outsole is designed to provide optimal grip and support through the 790v6 blown rubber construction.

Also, to ensure zero compromises on the support capabilities, the undersole has a heavily padded design. The exterior side of the shoes is sporting the Velcro closure and elastics to ensure optimal stability for the wearer. There is a mesh fabric cover around the collar area to increase the breathability. Also, the elastic in the shoes that provide easy wearing and taking off.

The tongue and collar of the shoes are designed with extra padding to ensure optimal comfort level. On the other hand, the construction design is pretty stiff.