5 very cheap and beautiful areas to live in Florida

Lots of sun, beautiful beaches and lazy days are some of the characteristics that define Florida. Establishing a Florida LLC can be a smart choice for those seeking to invest in cheap and beautiful areas to live in Florida, as it can provide liability protection and tax advantages for real estate investments. It has perfect cities for retirees or those who want to spend a few quiet days, as well as others for young people who enjoy nightlife and adventure. Quality of life, climate, investment opportunities and job offers are some of the things that motivate us to want to move to this state, and that is why below is a list of the best cities to live in Florida. .

The 9 Best Cities to Live in Florida


This tourist and cosmopolitan city is known as the center of commerce and business in Florida, and is on its way to being the largest in the world. This city is ideal for living, since it offers us different atmospheres; Miami Beach makes you want to party and in the Key Biscayne or Doral neighborhoods you can live happily with your family. Beautiful beaches, job opportunities, striking landscapes, tropical climate and imposing architecture are some of the characteristics of Miami, a good place to work and live.


This is one of the best cities if you want to withdraw from the hectic pace of life, but without losing the emotion; It is located an hour from Orlando’s theme parks and many of Tampa Bay’s best-known beaches. We take it well when we think that the name of Lakeland has to do with the number of lakes that surround it; It has 38 in total, which decorate the city along with the many orange fields that we can find. It is a quiet place, it has an average temperature of 27ºC, the houses are cheap and you can start your own business easily.


With the world’s most popular theme parks and some 70 million tourists a year, Orlando is one of the most attractive vacation spots out there. You can find housing easily in Orlando famous places are Dr. Phillips, Winter park and Kissimmee. In Kissimmee you find advertise of many kissimmee homes for sale in Orlando at an affordable price, the unemployment rate is one of the lowest nationwide and the educational offer is good. This city is excellent for progress and distraction.


You can find it in Southwest Florida, and you will notice that this charming little city has a lot to offer you. It has shopping malls, historical and cultural places, parks, museums, galleries and restaurants. If you like activities like fishing with gps fish finder, golf or strolling along a beautiful beach, Fort Myers is your favorite place.


We know it as “The Venice of America” ​​for its great network of canals that run through the city, and it is one of the most visited cities in Florida. Fort Lauderdale is a cosmopolitan and commercial city, but it also offers you quiet places where you can spend your days. You can invest with confidence in this city and you will find employment very quickly, be it in the areas of finance, real estate or the aviation industry.


It is the largest city in the state of Florida and in it you will find almost everything. It offers you incredible museums, cafes, restaurants, urban areas and many diversion alternatives, as well as natural spaces and water areas that you can explore by kayak. You can find employment in the manufacturing, health or education sector.


Tampa is great and each of the places you visit in it will show you a distinctive personality, so you will feel on vacation all the time. It has grown a lot lately, both in the industrial sector and in tourism and entertainment. This information is important if you plan to invest in this city and start your own business. You can enjoy its theme parks and festivals, especially the best known in this southern state: Harbor Island.


This coastal city is one of your best options if you plan to live in Florida. You will fall in love with its beautiful museums, galleries, shops and activities such as boating or kayaking and even fishing; for this and many other reasons, families and retirees around the world choose Melbourne as one of their first destinations to live. One of the most impressive things about this city is that you can see how satellites and spaceships launch if you go to Cape Canaveral.


This city attracts retirees and families who want to enjoy a place rich in culture and art. If you are looking for a job in the health and tourism sector, you will notice that there is a large field of business opening up before you. Sarasota’s climate is warm almost year-round, offers you beautiful beaches, and is just a couple of hours from all Orlando attractions and events in Tampa.