This touch screen laptop is undoubtedly the one you want!

touch screen laptop

Touch screen laptop

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Laptops have extremely transformed in the past few years, and we have already seen some great features and functions integrated into them. The transformation of the Laptops, of course, includes the Touch-Technology that has been incorporated in the laptops, and they serve a legitimate purpose to its users as it makes it very easy for the users to use the computer as they want.

I would not be surprised if you want a Touch Screen laptop for you in 2020, but do you know which one will be the best pick for you? Well, I am here with the Best Touch Screen Laptop in 2020 that you would love to buy.

The laptop I am talking about is the HP Spectre x360 13 Inch variant. HP has never disappointed its fans with its machines as they always provide the best to their users. HP Machines are one of the best in this era because of their reliability, price, and functions. The same thing goes for the HP Spectre x360, as it has a lot of features and services in a decent price range.

What is Spectre x360 offering to its users?

This best touch screen laptop has something more to offer to you, and you will feel its features and specifications useful than ever before. HP Spectre x360 doesn’t only have a big 13-inch screen, but aside that it also has a super-fast processing unit and the graphics processing unit as well.

HP has released the different models for the Spectre x360 so that the users could have a wide variety to choose from them. But the most common difference between its variants is the processor. One option is integrated with the Core I5 processor, and the other one is integrated with the Core I7 Processor.

Taking an overall look at the specifications of the HP Spectre x360, it has the Core I7/Core I5 10th Generation processor. The generation of the processors is really essential nowadays because of the tasking capabilities and in terms of gaming also. The 10th Gen processors make it very easy for the users to run almost any program on their laptop, and the users can perform any massive task as per their convenience. Spectre x360 also comes with the 8GB RAM to ensure that none of your programs would lag or shutter. With the integration of the Iris Plus Graphics Processing Unit, the laptop will offer you the best colors and the fantastic Gaming performance, which is delightful to all of the users out there. Not only that, but HP has also made sure that the laptop would never perform slower, and that is why they have integrated it with the SSDs with different capacities so that you can choose the one which quickly fulfills your needs.

Now coming towards one of the essential parts of a touch screen laptop, the screen! This best touch screen laptop has a 13.3 Inches big screen, which is Full HD, and provides the best results to its users. The screen is integrated with BrightView micro-edge WLED-Backlit multi-touch, which ensures the sharpness and details of an image or a video. This specific multi-touch offers its users smooth and free touch experience to their users. Users would feel comfortable using the touch of the laptop screen. One that is left about the display is the resolution, one of the Spectre x360 has got the 1920×1080 resolution, and the other variant has got 3840×2160, which is 4K. The users can experience the Ultra HD Videos and Images in the comfort of their home.

What makes the Spectre x360 different from others?

There is a reason I have titles this laptop as the Best Touch Screen Laptop, Spectre x360 was released back in 2019, and till now, not a single laptop has been released that could match up the specifications of the variant in this price range. There are some other things to notice about the Spectre x360, the design of the laptop is not ordinary, but it offers its users a professional and smart look which makes it more classy for the users. The Slim and Sleek design is very convenient for the users as the slimness automatically makes the laptop lighter than ever before, and it becomes easy to handle. Not only that, but HP has also released this laptop with three different colors, and all of them are pleasant and appealing. Users can choose between the Natural Silver, Nightfall Black, and Poseidon Blue! Aside from that, this laptop has got a perfect battery backup time as compared to the other laptops; Spectre x360 can offer you almost 16 hours of the Playback time, which is pretty unusual for a touch screen laptop offering this type of specification.

What is the worth of HP Spectre x360?

You might now have known that this laptop is not going to cost you cheaper because it is already offering you one of the best specifications and features to this date. HP Spectre x360 13 Inch variant would cost you around $900. But if you choose a custom made Spectre x360 from the HP’s official store, the price might go down or up as per your selected components. For this type of laptop, $900 is not a big deal if you are getting so much from it, and it is particularly wise to spend that much on a beast. So don’t waste any further of your time, and if you are planning to buy a laptop, than this is the best touch screen laptop, you can get in 2020.