How To Remove Scratches From Aluminum Laptop & Macbooks

It is thought that all the metal scratches on the laptop are damaging to the laptop. But this is not true although we must avoid scratches because some are damaging as well and make the look of the laptop ugly.

Some or a few of the laptop scratches are quite superficial, and you must take care of them as well.


These are several scratches on the laptop that do not run the deep in the laptop body, these are only laptop surface scratches and also referred to as hairline laptop scratches.

There are too many multiple ways to make them disappear completely. The very first method that I will be going to mention here, you possibly might have heard it about before or previously.

You might think that this removing scratches method is just a made-up way that would not get rid of the scratches, but it works very well. Many people have tried it and found it with good or quick results, and say that it does the job properly.

Yes, I am talking about the use of simple toothpaste that is found in everyone’s home and a microfiber cotton cleaning cloth to take care of the problem very soon.

We need to use white toothpaste and not a gel-like paste or any kind of fancy toothpaste. That is because the simple paste has the needed absarive properties that work very well with this method quickly.

This idea is to put a little simple paste (just a some or little) where is the minor scratch resides left on the laptop surface. Now, using the microfiber cloth rub it and cleans it smoothly.


Major scratches are more complicated and damaging to remove than minor ones as expected by us.

The bad news about this is that in most cases, a big scratch on the laptop surface can not be removed entirely; but you can reduce or lessen its visibility to a larger extent by a simple method.

You just have to rub the simple toothpaste (yes it is a paste too) apply it to the scratched surface of the laptop, and the paste will fill up the scratch on the laptop, thus removing and covering most of it on the laptop. Do not forget to use a microfiber cotton cloth so you would not make any new scratches on the laptop surface while removing the old ones.

To do a better or good  job; it is best to do a second coating again at that place very gently. In this way, it will look even better or better, and the scratch on the laptop will barely be noticeable by others.

The idea or technology behind this method is similar as compared to the toothpaste process. But in the case of major scratches on the laptop, you need a specially designed toothpaste that is created very specifically for this kind of vary problem.


Use the above mention step and get rid of laptop surface scratches.