Top 5 tips to win in Fortnite used by Professionals

Top 5 tips to win in Fortnite used by Professionals

Top 5 tips to win in Fortnite used by Professionals

Fortnite is very different from other battle royale games. The building aspect of this game is very different from other games. The building aspect is the reason why people are playing this game because other than building, every game is the same. However, there are some other different things too but mostly the same.

Fortnite has a very big map with different locations on it. This game can take you ages to get good at it because the building aspect of this game is very hard to learn. But, once you’ve learned that, you should kill every other enemy you see in-game. The building makes a lot of difference in this game and the fact that you can clutch from 1HP by only building is crazy.

You can also edit those buildings and make a floor or a window out of them. This allows you to make some sick plays. Aiming in this game is also hard because everyone’s just trying to build so, your main goal should be to outbuild your opponent and then tap them with a shotgun.

There are a lot of pro players who can build and edit crazy fast and because of that, they’re getting famous every day. People have made careers out of this game and you can do it. You can do this by practicing daily. Practice makes you perfect. If you don’t practice, you won’t get good at building and your aim will remain bad. So, what you can do is use aim trainers like Kovaaks and try to learn something every day in the building.

If you want to use it, Lavicheats provides the best fortnite cheats you’ll ever use. From aimbot to seeing everyone on the map. Yes, it’s true and you can easily win every game by using these cheats. You can get them from Lavicheats and installing these hacks isn’t a problem because Lavicheat’s customer support will be there to help you with it. These hacks have been tested before and they still get tested regularly and surprisingly, the anti-cheat system of Fortnite is unable to detect these. So, you can use these hacks all you want and score some easy wins. Then you can show off in front of your friends with a good amount of wins.

However, you have to know that these hacks can ruin a good experience for other players who are just trying to have a good time or players who practice every day to get good at it. Game developers of Fortnite should take a look and fix their anti-cheat because those hacks are bypassing their anti-cheats like it’s nothing. A big game like Fortnite should have the most secure anti-cheat system. This will only make their player base happy and growing.

If you’re frustrated about losing, these amazing tips might help you get your first win:

Practice your aim

Good aim is important if you want to win. In build fights, you will get very few chances to hit your enemy because of the building like crazy and if you miss those shots, then it’s game over for you. You have to be precise with your aim so, go use some aim trainers created in Fortnite created by other people. They can help you improve your aim. Also, make sure to play on a dpi that you’re good with and not copy other pro players. Everyone plays on a different dpi which can’t be good because you won’t be used to it.

Practice building in creative

Before starting your game. You should be creative for at least 10-15 minutes and practice your building in it. Almost every professional player uses this tip to warm up so that they can do good in actual games. You can also try practicing different things in creative like doing 90s, editing walls and staircase and, etc. This will only make you better at the game and in a month or two, you will be stomping your opponents with these building and editing techniques.

Take early fights

Most of the time when people land, they don’t get a shotgun, which is the best time for you to kill them in close combat. Try to take every close or range fight because it’s mostly likely that you’re going to win. You can also wait for other players to fight and then third party them later and get the freest kills of your life. The third-party is the best way to get kills.

Farm as much as you can

Materials in this game are very important. They allow you to build and if you don’t have any materials, you won’t be able to build meaning you will have no protection so, keep farming every 2-3 seconds and by the time it comes to the end game, you will have max materials and it’ll be very hard for others to kill you because you will be building nonstop with those max materials. You can also take build fights in the end game and wait till your opponent runs out of mats and when they do, you can easily go down on them, box them, edit and kill.

Bush camping

Bush camping was one of the easiest ways to win and still is. When you’re in a bush, players can’t see you because you’re camouflaged in it. Only your head will be popping out of the bush which no one notices. However, whenever is someone close to you, you should be ready to build because they might know your location and playing dumb that they don’t. Be ready for them to fire at any time.