The process of fixing common League of Legends Error problem

League of Legends

League of Legends

League of Legends (LOL) is a kind of online multiplayer battlefield video game made for macOS and Microsoft Windows operating system. It is a kind of freemium game. LOL is a popular game from the time of its release. Many lol players use lol smurf and boosting accounts to reach higher ranks in the game.

League of Legends earned praised for its music, production value and unique character design. Though it’s a well-optimized game, it has some common unexpected error issues, LOL errors. LOL error code 1B is a common problem of League of Legends game.

What is LOL error code 1B? Why does it cause?

Sometimes the payers of LOL face a common problem, “Error Code 1B, Please try again”. It is a connection error, or that impeded the login process into the League of Legends game. It is shown as a quick alert but is not related to the login identity of the players. This kind of error may also occur due to the connection time out during the login process.

Error code 1B may occur while the computer of LOL players refuses security credentials from game servers. If any player of League of Legends game faces this issue, he/she may have a connection issue. Without solving this issue, players will not be able to get access to the game and play the game.

Nevertheless, the disability to login into the game may be brought several things like

Server Problem

To get access into the game, a player needs to log in from a region that the LOL game server supports. A LOL account can be active in one area at a time. A player may face login problem for out of Sync clock.

LOL servers show connectivity issues and even triggered error code 1B if the player’s computer can’t do sync with real-time. Sometimes due to the incorrect DNS configuration, the servers can’t connect users PC and display error code 1B. If the user’s computer system is SSL 2.0 or SSL 3.0 type, the server will not be able to connect the computer. It is an outdated security issue.

Browser’s Configuration issue

If the browser of the player’s computer not configured duly, the server of LOL won’t be able to provide access into the game and player have to face this kind of problem.

How to make up LOL error code 1B problem?

Before solving LOL error code 1B problem, we should first check the game is allowed in our region or not. This game may display such kind of error issue if it’s not approved in the region. To know this, we should check the server status forum.

If there is no server issue, we should re-launch the game by selecting the game window and then pressing Alt and F4 keys at a time. This process can also complete using the task manager by pressing ctrl + Shift + Esc simultaneously. If the error code still displayed, we have to follow different steps. This problem can be resolve by two different processes.

Process 1: Updating Security protocols

This process is only applicable to Windows. If someone wants to connect to the game through SSL 2.0 or SSL 3.0 configuration system, he or she may face LOL error code 1B.

The problem can solve via enabling TLS 1.0, 1.1 or 1.2 and disabling SSL 2.0 and SSL 3.0 from the setting of the internet option.

Process 2: Syncing the clock

If the clock of the player’s computer isn’t set correctly, game servers will not be able to give access due to the lack of time-stamped certification.

In macOS syncing can be set from Apple Menu, selecting System Preferences & navigating Date and Time.

In Windows OS this set up can be complete following the process: right-click on the clock icon and select Adjust Date/Time. After opening the Internet Time tab and clicking on the Change Settings button, we will get a UAC prompt, and then we need to click on the Update Now button to complete the process.