Sepulcher of the First Ones raid



Gamers and WoW can use boosting to improve their skills in the game, as well as defeat the top eight bosses. Boosting is the help of experienced players with a high rating to beginners and those who have yet to gain the necessary points and level up. Wow raids will help to understand the peculiarities of the passage of the raid and learn about the trials that await the players. Participants can go through part of the battles together with experienced players. In the process of joint battles, they will receive weapons, equipment, mounts. This is a great opportunity to get the points you need to level up.

Only with invaluable experience and weapons, players as pilgrims of the Maw will be able to get to the cherished halls of the Tomb of the Eternal. This opportunity will present itself to those who can complete the third and final sotfo boost. It will open in add-on 9.2 “Eternity’s End”.

What awaits the participants in the raid

Those who manage to get to SOTFO location and discover this raid, you have to go through 11 difficult, intense battles. Here, the participants will be attacked by the guards of the creators, will meet face to face with the soldiers of the Jailer, will find themselves face to face with the insidious Zovaal himself. In order to collect the maximum amount of loot during the course of the raid, you will need invaluable experience gained during the boosting. Inexperienced players will have to pay in-game gold to get it.

General information about the raid Tomb

Opening date Sepulcher of the First Ones raid March 2-9 of the current year. The place is a separate island in the eastern part. Location coordinates – 64.8, 53.5. To accurately find the path to the specified coordinates, participants will need to use an ancient translocator. It is located near the Shelter. translocator will be available to those who have discovered flights and were able to fly on their own, or those who managed to complete four chapters of the “Secrets of the Ancients” campaign.

The creators of the game have identified four levels: raid search, mythic, normal, heroic. There are 11 bosses in the raid.

What participants can get in the process of passing

Participants who successfully cope with all the challenges of WoW Sepulcher of the First Ones boost, and will be able to prove themselves, will receive:

  • Three mounts.
  • Armor from class sets.
  • Unique weapon.
  • Items with special abilities.

Features of the raid

This is the first raid, which is divided into several quarters. Access to the first quarter will be open immediately. The second and final part of the quarters will be available in a week. In terms of difficulty, everything remains familiar and unchanged: normal and heroic are available in the first week, mythic in the second.

In total, there are 4 quarters in the raid, three of which have 3-4 bosses each. The last quarter suggests the presence of a final, final battle. Those who complete the raid in search mode can only visit it by quarters. To pass, you will need not only transport, but also weapons, uniforms of at least 220 average level.