Most popular online games to play on smartphones

online games

online games

Thousands of games are being created and uploaded on the internet daily, however, only a very few games can attract a wide range of players across the world. A few main factors such as being available for free to play, not requiring a lot of time to enjoy, and filling up your free boring time can lead games to a big success. Other elements that can result in a great hit include features like realistic graphics, multiplayer mode, and rapid response from the server.

All these features are usually provided with all the new games, but most importantly, a high-speed internet connection like AT&T Internet is required from your end to make your gaming experience all worth it. You may visit to see which provider offers the highest speeds in your area. Without a high-speed internet connection, online gaming can be a total wastage of your valuable time with large delays and poor graphical displays.

Using our gaming expertise, we will be gathering the top 3 games with totally different genres to target people with their preferences. These games can be played anytime and anywhere to either fill up work or utilize a break, and they’re a great way to kill some time without finding yourself bored again.

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (Pubg mobile)

This game has been hitting a new level of records since its production and with each day passing, it is pulling up the audience with a wide range of background. Its main success is due to its graphics and a real-life situation that is assigned to players along with a map and mission. It can accommodate up to 99 players at a time, which are released on a field and they have to fight each other for their lives, whilst hiding behind any object they see. During their times on the ground, players get to find all sorts of ammunition and weapons to protect themselves from their enemies. A live map is used to locate places and run against the shortening of borders, which can eventually kill the person if they stay out of it for a while. The only way to win this game is to survive till the end until everyone else has been killed. PUBg is often been updated with new modes and better gameplay that’s why it now has a variety of modes to offer. The winning team is awarded a virtual chicken dinner.

Asphalt 9: Legends

The latest edition of Gameloft’s development tends to target racing freaks and car lovers. It plays similar to its older versions with much-enhanced resolutions and a distinguished car lineup. A wide range of missions is required to be completed to unlock various cars and locations. You can compete against artificial intelligence or can generally make a quick match with real players to play the game. Asphalt revolves around three playing modes: Career, Multiplayer, and Events, each of them requiring a different type of mindset to be played with. Furthermore, it comes up with three different types of races: Classic, Time attack, and Hunted, and again each of these types has its unique style. A lot of time is required before you can reach the end of the game.

Zynga Poker:

Zynga has produced several hits in the form of card games, Poker being one of its most successful hits. It later turned out to be the largest Poker site with more than 38 million players according to a survey conducted by ESPN in 2011. This game lets you couple up with a friend or a random stranger online for a competitive gamble and it lets you connect with your Facebook account to find friends to play with. A simple knowledge of poker rules is required to play this game and is easy to play with no complexities. Moreover, it is also family-friendly and is great fun to play with family and friends.


The top 3 most famous games have been mentioned above but they can be replaced by any new productions with unique gameplay and a better display of graphics. Last, but not least, most importantly a high-speed internet connection is highly recommended if you really wanna take your gaming experience to the next level, with no lags and a realistic display.