How to win with the game development?



Credit: Pixabay

Whether it’s large-budget games or indie games, the first step in developing games is to find an original concept that deserves to be implemented on the screen. With a little time, patience and knowledge, everyone can create their own video game online like on Game Karma platform. Thanks to modern technologies and tutorials available throughout the Internet, it has become a trend!

In this article, we will look at the main aspects of creating video games that should not be missed during development.

Like any project, video game development is a multi-stage process that requires:

  • Organization,
  • Imagination,
  • Research
  • Attention to detail.

Whether you are a professional designer working in a large game studio or use your free time to learn how to create your first game, all game creators follow the main stages of development, which we will discuss in this article.

Create a game design document

Creating games always requires extensive research. Study the type of game you want to create and write a document on the design of the game. Don’t neglect this step, even if it’s a seemingly simple game.

The game design document is a kind of skeleton of your project: it describes all the important details of your game:

  • Scenario
  • Genre,
  • The universe,
  • Target audience,
  • Goals,
  • Mechanic,
  • Marketing strategy.

This document should answer all the questions that the target audience will ask about the game, from its general concept to visual and sound design options.

Create a prototype

Prototypes can help you detect inconsistencies and many other problems in the early stages of design. It is important to solve these problems as they arise, as they can negatively affect user experience and reputation of the game.

Make sure that your prototype includes all aspects of the game (setting, quests, level design, characters, sound effects.)

If you make a role-playing game, make sure that you can follow the plot and that the motivation of the characters makes sense. If you are doing a platformer or adventure game, make sure your world is exciting and accessible for exploration.

Integrate learning into the game

Unfortunately, there are a large number of bad tutorials, which means that today most players will almost always miss them. Players often describe learning as “part of the game before entertainment.”

Therefore, we must stop considering the textbook as an isolated part of user interaction. The goal is to ensure that learning the game goes so well with it that players cannot say where the training ends and the game begins, and even whether there is training at all.

Part of the training can take place at the very beginning of the game, part in it or even throughout the game, and part can only be the result of past experience.

Use visual effects

The stronger your visual effects, the less you will have to teach players. It should be enough to look at the objects in the game to determine their function.

Although there is no established formula for creating the perfect video game, following the above steps, you will undoubtedly be able to develop a quality video game and achieve the desired success.