How To Protect Your League Account

Protect Your League Account

Protect Your League Account

How secure is your league account? Can someone who knows your basic information, such as birth date, gain access to your account? The security of your account is a huge concern. Hackers will have myriad reasons to get access to your account. Some will hack your account to sell it, play with it, or get more skin, and some will mess with you for fun. To avoid the inconveniences and disastrous effects of having your account hacked, you need to know some of the best ways to protect your account.

  1. Strong Password

Unauthorized access to your account can be made easy by having a password that one can decipher easily. There are programs used to generate a set of words and make guessing your password easy. To create a strong and secure password for your league account, avoid using basic information about you. People usually use information such as their names, names of places, birth dates, and words from the dictionary. Using such basic information will increase the vulnerability of your account to security breaches. A strong password is characterized by a combination of letters, numbers, special characters, spacing, and capitalizing. Using a password such as ‘jeniffer1234’ is by far not secure. However, using a password that is difficult to decipher, such as Sp&2x4Sk12nLS%1*, will guarantee the security of your account. You can use a password generator to help you develop a password that cannot be easy to guess.

  1. Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication requires you to provide multiple authentication information to access the account. It prompts you to enter a code sent via email to continue logging in. Ensure the email you are using is your email and is highly secured. To improve the security, you can also enable multi-factor authentication to your email. It ensures that you receive a notification whenever someone tries to log in and sends a code to your phone number, without which one cannot continue with the login.

  1. Avoid Account sharing

You are the only person who should have access to your account. Avoid sharing your login details with your peers. Account sharing puts you at risk of getting banned and makes it harder to recover your account once it is lost. Avoid activities that require you to share your login credentials, such as account trading and rank boosting. In addition, account sharing does not only risk a potential loss of ownership but also puts your account vulnerable to phishing and sniffing.

  1. Use a Strong Antivirus

Malware and third-party programs put a high threat to the security of your account. An antivirus from a reputable company will help eliminate the threat these viruses and third-party programs have on your hardware and your league account. There are effective free antivirus solutions that will get the job done. However, if you find it necessary, you can opt to pick the paid packages to enjoy the antivirus solutions that the free versions do not offer. Furthermore, always ensure that your antivirus is up to date for efficiency.

  1. Beware of Phishing

Be sure to check the legitimacy of the emails you receive. Phishing emails have some similarities to the actual ones at a glance, but with scrutiny, you can spot the differences. Clicking on unknown links will put your league account at risk of security threats and information leaks. To help you discover whether a link is not safe, look at some items, such as the structure of the URL and the type of host. Phishing links will have an URL with some alterations which cannot be visible at a glance, such as zeros “0”s instead of “O”s.

Furthermore, if the link host is a free one, that is a huge red flag. It is rare to have a league account hosted on a free site. In addition, a phishing link will have fake links such as “license agreement” that do not work. Take precautions and be aware of these specifics to protect your credentials. In addition, having an antivirus from a reputable company will scan these links for you to identify suspicious characters and protect you from scam websites.

  1. Log out From Shared Devices

Take caution when using a shared system to play the league. The first step of protecting your account in such an instance is logging out once you are done. A shared system, especially a public computer, puts your personal information at risk of leaking and losing your account. If you had logged in to your account in a shared system before and forgot to log out, take the initiative to change your password immediately. It will automatically log your account out of all the previous systems you have logged in to. You can securely log in with your system and take precautions when logging in to shared systems.

  1. Use a Personal Email Account

Creating a league account requires using an email for verification and security. Make sure the email you use for this purpose is your account, and never share your email credentials with anyone. For example, if you use an email account belonging to someone else, you put your account at risk of manipulation. They can easily change the password to your account, and you can easily lose the account. Avoid using emails from your peers or shared emails such as class and work emails for your league account credentials.

  1. Update The Operating System

Regularly updating your operating system has a myriad of advantages. Some of these advantages include increased efficiency from new and improved features, compatibility of your system with new features, and soft wares for seamless operation and enhanced security. Updating your software installs enhanced security updates and keeps your system safe from attacks. On the other hand, outdated soft wares are highly vulnerable to hackers and viruses. An updated system will have the compatibility to support the new league soft wares and security updates and keep your account safe from malware and the activities of hackers.

  1. Take It Easy

Have fun while playing the game. Do not let nervousness and upsets lead you to make quick and rash decisions that can put your account at risk of a ban. Avoid harassing or flaming your teammates, and don’t rush to Diamond/Masters with a new account. Some of these actions can result in people reporting you and lead to a ban. Take breaks from playing after playing for long periods, relax, refresh and get some fresh air to avoid losing your mind on your teammates.

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The secret to maintaining a successful league account is taking all the security precautions at your disposal. Protect your account by all means. Following these simple account protection steps will help enhance its security and greatly minimize the risk of getting your account hacked. Make protecting your account the primary initiative of successfully maintaining a league account. You do not want to experience having your account hacked and losing your credentials and all the achievements you have made. Just do everything to keep your account secured.