How to Keep Gaming Laptop Cool – Instant Solution



Gaming laptops are good for those who like to play games and want portability, but of course, they have some disadvantages too. Future upgrading and heating issues are the main things that you need to consider in any gaming machine because, under high loads, your computer may go to high temps, which causes low performance and noise in fans. So we’ve made a guide on how we can keep our gaming machine cool while gaming, and there are some instant solutions. We got several ways to cool down a gaming laptop and make sure you don’t miss anyone there.

First of all, make sure that you’re not placing your gaming laptop on a soft surface like on bed or pillow. This will block the fans who take air inside and blow that on different components inside the machine. So if we can’t put a laptop on our bed or other soft surfaces, you might be thinking what’s the best place for a computer to put it. We can place it on our lap but need to make sure we’re not blocking any fans, or we can use a book or box under it, and these are the best way to place a gaming laptop.

The next best way to cool laptop is cleaning the hardware from dust and other things inside it. You don’t need to open the machine or take it to a technician because we all know non-techies found it hard to open that small, packed machine. The best way to clean your gaming laptop is to use compressed air or something like that. I would recommend you to do this at least after six months, so all the dust in the components gets clean, and they can work flawlessly. While cleaning makes sure, you’re not using an air blower because it can even disturb the inner part of your gaming machine.

If you’ve done all these things and feel that the temperature has not decreased much, the other best way to cool laptop I would recommend you do is get an external cooling pad for your laptop. External cooling pads allow you to put the laptop on soft surfaces, and they help in better cooling of the machine. There are some reputed brands like Thermaltake etc. manufacturing laptop external cooling pads. They work very simply: place the cooling pad on the surface, put your laptop on it and plug the cable, and that’s all you need to do.

Along with all these things to make your gaming laptop quiet, we also need to take care of extra things that cause the hardware to generate more heat. Gaming machines with dedicated cards are likely to produce more heat, and if they are fighting with some game to give max possible frame rates, they are likely to be going hotter. To overcome this thing lower down the game settings as much as you can to release some load from the hardware. All you need to do is follow these steps and you can easily take down your laptop temperature to normal.

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